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Automatic Sliding Doors
For Use on Terra Modular Cleanrooms

Automatic Sliding Door
Ideal for hands-free entry or transfer of large equipment (Shown: No. 5555-01)
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Automatic Sliding Door Systems
These cleanroom sliding doors are available in Single Slide or Bi-Part (double sliding) configurations for installation on Terra Hardwall or BioSafe Modular Cleanrooms. Touchless door pad allows hand-free operation; optional biometric or passcode access readers available.
  • Touchless motion door pad for hands-free operation
  • Elastomeric door seals and fiberglass reinforced toothed timing belt ensures cleanliness, durability and uniform closing
  • Microprocessor controller continually monitors door position with adjustable opening and closing speed, distance and speed of braking—reduces opening and time delay
  • Auto reverse on obstruction; slow speed search for obstruction
  • Load-bearing wheels made of cast urethane for long-lasting, smooth and trouble-free operation
  • Adjustable anti-riser wheels lock each door in its overhead track
  • Safety features include door breakout at 50 lbs. of pressure
  • Doors undergo life testing to a minimum of one million cycles
  • Tempered glass door panels stand up to cleaning agents, minimize obstructive sight lines and reduce claustrophobic sensation in small rooms
  • Available only for Terra cleanroom, with installation performed by factory-trained installers
  • UL listed and ANSI compliant (see table below)
  • See overall dimensions below; adequate clearance required for door opening
  • One-year manufacturer warranty for parts and labor
  • Custom sizes and configurations, including swing and folding doors, available; call Terra to discuss your requirements!
Automatic Sliding Doors (for use on Terra Modular Cleanrooms Only)
  Door Opening Overall Dimensions No. of Panel Sliding Direction (facing in) Cat. # Price
Single Sliding Door 36"W x 84"H 84"W x 92"H 2 Left 5555-02B-LS $ 6,053
36"W x 84"H 84"W x 92"H 2 Right 5555-02B-RS $ 6,053
42"W x 84"H 96"W x 92"H 2 Left 5555-00B-LS $ 6,112
42"W x 84"H 96"W x 92"H 2 Right 5555-00A-RS $ 8,839
48"W x 84"H 120"W x 92"H 2 Left 5555-03B-LS $ 6,172
48"W x 84"H 120"W x 92"H 2 Right 5555-03B-RS $ 6,172
Double Sliding Door 60"W x 84"H 144"W x 92"H 4 Bi-Parting 5555-01A $ 10,181
72"W x 84"H 168"W x 92"H 4 Bi-Parting 5555-04B $ 7,188
Clear anodized aluminum frames are easy to clean and sterilize (other frame colors optional)
Position Switch Single or Dual (optional)
Alarm Contacts Optional
Transom Optional
Threshold Configuration Standard no-threshold design allows easy transfer of carts and other items; thresholds available on optional basis
Emergency Power Options Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS); extended operation
Fly Open Box; One time operation
Locking options (2-Point locking standard)
  • 3-Point Locks
  • Lock position indicators
  • Armored strikes
  • Electric Solenoid Lock (Fail Safe/Fail Secure)
  • Access Control Locking with surface or recessed panic hardware
Description Standard Optional
Design Bi-Part or Single Slide
Breakout Sliding Panels Only
Jamb Dimension 1 3/4" x 4 1/2" 1 3/4" x 6"
Finish Clear Special Finish Available
Tempered glass
Locking Single Point Bottom Rail Deadlock(s) Electric Locking
Controls Touchless or biometric keypad Biometric or card key reader
Sensors 2 SU-100s / Stanguard 2 Wizards
Drive System ¼ HP DC gear driven motor, twin ¼ HP DC gear driven motors (optional)
Material Door Panel options (special quote): tempered glass, polycarbonate
Compliance UL, cUL, ANSI A156.10, UBC, BOCA, ICBO, NFPA 101
STANLEY SU-100 MOTION SENSORS Uni-directional function reduces length of time door stays open by detecting approaching traffic; saves energy by preserving loss of heat and air conditioning
Stan-Guard® Threshold Sensor Configurable Options: threshold sensor and doorway holding beam detects and holds the door open for people and objects until area is clear
Security Options
Security access options include card readers, biometric readers, passcode readers and overhead cameras; call Terra for more information
Battery Backup Extends operation of automatic doors up to 1.5 hours in event of power outage or failure (optional)

Automatic Door
Automatic Swing Door
These swing doors require less side-to-side space than the sliding doors, and include a motion sensor and sensor pad for hands-free operation. It’s ideal for personnel carrying objects or pushing carts. No-touch operation also maintains cleanliness. See the Automatic Swing Door Operator page for more information and ordering options.

Material* Single Door
(36" total width)
Cat. # Price
Acrylic Door with Aluminum Frame 1999-85 Call TUI
Static-Dissipative PVC Door with Aluminum Frame 1999-86 $ 4,225
Glass Door with 304 Stainless Steel Frame 1999-87 $ 5,406
* Door Operator cover plate (accessible from "dirty" side) made of aluminum.
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