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Cleanroom Softwall Curtains and Strip Shields

Cleanroom Curtains
Strip Shields and Cleanroom Panels shown on Terra's ValuLine™ Softwall Cleanroom
  • Suitable for all classes of cleanrooms and all levels of process isolation
  • Static-dissipative vinyl helps prevent surface charges and particle attraction
  • Standard mounting system is easy to clean, eliminates exterior crevices where contaminants can collect
  • Heavy-gauge materials hang straight, without the need for sewn hems or cumbersome sash weights
  • T-Grid Mounting System allows suspension of curtains or strip shields from existing cleanroom T-grids
  • Industry-leading fabrication and mounting technology gives you the cleanest, most durable curtains and strip panels available

These softwall curtains and strip shields are ideal for use with Terra's free-standing Softwall Cleanrooms on the previous pages. They can also be installed directly onto existing walls or ceilings.

Either way, you receive the cleanest, most durable panels available. Standard 4-foot wide softwall curtains overlap by 6 inches and are fabricated of heavy-duty, blur-free 40 mil material—double the industry standard—ensuring enhanced tear resistance and eliminating the need for unsightly sewn sash weights. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) strip shields, made of 60 mil vinyl, come standard in 8" widths, with 2" overlap, to form parting doors or reach-throughs. Both are made of static-dissipative vinyl. Polyurethane (Polysim®) shields are 40 mil x 12" W with 2" overlap.

Select the panel material to meet your application requirements. Static-Dissipative PVC includes built-in static inhibitors. Tests performed per ASTM D257 show surface resistivity of 1.8 x 107 ohms/sq. Static-dissipative characteristics may degrade over time and require curtain replacement after two years (depending on temperature, humidity, UV exposure, and other environment conditions). Testing is recommended in static-sensitive applications.

Terra also offers panels made from static-dissipative polyurethane that provides permanent, humidity-independent ESD protection from sensitive manufacturing conditions. This material contains no plasticizer, making it virtually non-outgassing.

ordering guide for softwall stirp shield and curtains
Typical configuration for a 76-foot run
of panels, plus a 4-foot strip shield door

Ordering Guide
Pricing is per linear foot. Use quantity to indicate the length in feet of the curtain or strip panel (e.g., quantity 8 = an eight-foot run of material of the specified height).

Standard curtain panels are 4-feet wide, but wider panels are available. Similarly, strip shields and panels for ceiling heights over 10 feet can be ordered. Talk to a Terra Product Specialist.

Please note these construction details:

  • Standard curtains come in 4-foot wide panels, which are mounted to create the run specified. PVC strip shields come in overlapping 8"-wide strips; polyurethane strip shields come in 12"-wide strips.
  • Corners are heat-creased and notched to ensure a snug fit against frame corners.
  • Adjacent curtain panels overlap by 6", which generally provides an adequate air barrier. Strip shields overlap by 2".
Application Alert!
Because of their panel design, softwall cleanrooms cannot control pressure, humidity or temperature levels inside the enclosure, making them unsuitable for many requirements, including many ISO 5 applications. They are also more difficult to clean that other designs.

If pressure, humidity and/or temperature control or frequent cleaning/sterilization is required, select one of these room designs:
Hardwall Cleanroom BioSafe® Steel Cleanroom
BioSafe® FRP/C-PVE Cleanroom Hybrid Cleanroom
Type Panel /
Strip Shield
For cleanroom ceilings Alternating Clear /
Frosted* Vinyl
Clear Vinyl*
Cat. # $/ LFt. Cat. # $/ LFt. Cat. # $/ LFt.
Panel (40 mil)
8' Up to 8 ft. --- --- 1320C-08 $ 55 1320-30 $ 127
10' Up to 10 ft. --- --- 1320C-10 $ 67 1320-34 $ 143
Strip Shield
PVC: 60 mil
Polysim: 40 mil
6'6" Up to 7 ft. 1320-88A $ 57 --- --- --- ---
7’6” Up to 8 ft. 1320-89A $ 66 1320S-08 $ 55 1320-67 $ 154
10" Between 8-10 ft. --- --- 1320S-10 $ 67 1320-71 $ 197
* Strip shields are 8” wide with a 2” overlap. Pricing is per linear foot, and two are provided for each linear foot of coverage. Alternating frosted/clear static-disipative strip shields (available for 7’H and 8’H rooms) eliminate cling between strips for easier separation and make strip shield entry more visible.
**Resistivity: 10^7 ohms/sq

Bi-Folding Curtain Mount Bi-Folding Curtain Mount
Available in anodized aluminum or 304 stainless steel, this system allows softwall curtains to be easily retracted or extended along a heavy-duty, smooth rolling track. Contact Terra for ordering information.


Dual-Lock™ Strips
For sealing panels or strip shields to frame supports or overlap areas, Terra offers non-particulating, clear 3M Dual-Lock with plasticizer-resistant adhesive. These strips are ideal for application along the vertical frame uprights or along the vertical length of a panel or strip, allowing corner or overlap attachment that minimizes air leaks. Price includes sewing of mating strips to specified panels. Use quantity to specify desired number of feet (milimeter).
Cat. # Price
6704-05 $ 13
  Flexible Magnet Strip Self-Closures
Flexible, chemical-resistant magnet strips are ideal for a variety of custom closure needs. Price includes sewing to specified panel. Use quantity to specify desired number of feet (milimeter).
Cat. # Price
6704-06 $ 16

Snap-Tite™ Clips
Ideal for securing two panels together. Each two-piece plastic clip snaps together through a hole in the panels.
Cat. # Price
6704-07 $ 2
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