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Control Panels and
Power Distribution Modules (PDMs)

Power Distribution Module
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  • PDMs house electrical components in an easy-access housing that makes it easy to add fan/filter units or lights if requirements change
  • Control Panel with Operation Status Indicators provides convenient access to all control and a visual confirmation of cleanroom operation
  • Plug-and-play, modular design speeds up installation, whether of Terra-furnished modular cleanroom or Terra cleanroom components used in your own cleanroom structure

Terra’s Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) dramatically simplify connection of fan/filter modules (FFUs) and ceiling lights, while providing low-voltage power for one or more Control Panels (No. 6600-xxNS, order separately).

  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Power Distribution Modules (PDMs)

Electrical Integration
Relays, breakers, contactors and other components are housed in a central Power Distribution Models that powers up to 5 fan/filter units and 5 lights. PDMs connect in series to accommodate as many components as necessary.

Quick-Connect Fittings
PDM connectors make it easy to add FFUs and lights if needed, without running additional power lines or hard-wiring. Simply connect additional Terra components to existing PDMs if your ISO cleanliness or lighting needs change.
  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Control Panels
Control Panel
The easy-clean Control Panel integrates control of all system components in a single, easy-clean panel mounted at the main entry. Model shown includes FFU on/off switch, night service switch, Digihelic® room pressure gauges and thermo-hygrometers.
Operation Status Indicators (OSI; included with Control Panel)
An Operation Status Indicator (OSI) mounted at each corner of the cleanroom glows to indicate that FFUs are operational. Lights flash to alert user that FFUs are turned off, signaling a potential breach of protocol.
Night Setting Switch (included with 6600-xxNS)
Night Setting maintains cleanroom conditions with a 25% savings in energy consumption during non-work hours, when lower fan speed is necessary to maintain target ISO cleanliness level.

Each PDM accommodates up to 5 lights and 5 FFUs and must be wired to a dedicated 35A fused 120V circuit or a 30A fused 240V circuit. Select among four PDM types (see configuration chart below):
  • Primary PDM: contains low-voltage control circuit required for a Control Panel and distributes power safely to up to 5 FFUs and 5 lights. Additional FFUs and lights require alternating Secondary and Booster PDMs connected in series.
  • Secondary PDM: Provides power to up to 5 FFUs and 5 lights and connects to either a Primary or a Booster PDM.
  • Booster PDM: is required if your system includes FFUs beyond what a  Secondary PDM controls. Each Booster PDM is connected in series from a Secondary PDM to an additional Secondary PDM (if required).
  • Power Outlet PDM: Provides a single power connection for up to five duplex outlets, each box requires a dedicated 20A fused circuit.
Leave room for growth!
If there’s chance that you may require additional FFUs to accommodate cleaner conditions, leave each PDM below its maximum FFU capacity. FFUs and lights can be added at any time, with no need for an electrician or hard-wiring, as long as the maximum of five of either module per PDM is not exceeded.
Sample Configuration for a Cleanroom with
20 FFUs
For FFUs PDM Type PDM P/N Required
#1 – 5 Primary 6600-29B-P 1
#6 – 10
Secondary 6600-29B-S 2
#11 – 15
Booster 6600-29B-B 1
#16 – 20
Secondary 6600-29B-S

All PDMs
Automated FFU control systems help meet FDA and other compliance regulations. Add options including environmental monitoring and data logging. Click for details

Power Distribution Modules

UL Rated Power Distribution Module: for Fan/Filter Units/Lights
Type Power Cat. # Price
Primary: includes low-voltage circuit for Control Panel 120V, 35A 6600-29B-P $ 1,614
240V, 30A 6600-29B-P-220 $ 1,614
Secondary 120V, 35A 6600-29B-S $ 1,614
240V, 30A 6600-29B-S-220 $ 1,614
Booster 120V, 35A 6600-29B-B $ 1,614
240V, 30A 6600-29B-B-220 $ 1,614
Power Outlets 120V, 20A 6600-27 $ 418
240V, 10A 6600-27-220 $ 400

Control Panel
Model shown: 6600-57NS with optional Thermo-hygrometer and two Digihelic® Pressure Gauges

Status Light
Control Panels with Operation Status Indicators
Mounted to the right of the access door, this panel allows convenient control of filter/fan units, lights, and access to pressure gauges and other environmental monitoring equipment selected for your modular cleanroom. Fabricated of mirror-finish 304/316L stainless steel or powder-coated steel to match cleanroom design.


Standard models below include Fan/Filter and light on/off switch, Night Service Switch, and one Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gauge (Hardwall and BioSafe rooms only, .25-0-0.25"WC). Specify custom modifications for multiple pressure gauges, Digihelic gauges, Thermo-hygrometer, or other components. Each control panel also includes four Operation Status Indicators (OSIs), one at each upper corner of the cleanroom.
Control Panel: Includes Operation Status Indicators and Night Service Switch*
Cleanroom Type Power Cat. # Price
Hardwall Cleanroom (Externally mounted acrylic or SDPVC plastic panels) 120V 6600-23-NS $ 2,039
240V 6600-23-NS-220 $ 2,039
Hardwall Cleanroom (Internally mounted acrylic or SDPVC plastic panels) 120V 6600-24-NS Call TUI
240V 6600-24-NS-220 Call TUI
Softwall Cleanroom 120V 6600-25-NS $ 1,906
240V 6600-25-NS-220 $ 1,906
FRP BioSafe Cleanroom 120V 6600-57-NS Call TUI
240V 6600-57-NS-220 Call TUI
Steel BioSafe Cleanroom 120V 6600-26-NS $ 2,039
240V 6600-26-NS-220 $ 2,039
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Power Distribution Module Diagram

power distribution WhisperFlow Hood lights lights control panel Power Distribution Module Power Distribution Module

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