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Stainless Steel Door Frames and Entryways


Interior entryway (No. 6709-30), window (No. 6709-35), and doorway (No. 6709-50) casings create a showcase facility lobby

  • Stainless steel 304 construction with sanitary-grade continuous welds ensure a showcase structure that’s also cleanroom-compatible
  • Door frames house all door hardware, including closures, for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Entryways create a bold, attractive threshold between adjoining rooms
  • External doorways encase door and header windows of any specified size and height
  • External cantilever covers and facades add beauty and functionality to external entries
  • Designs for any wall and door material and thickness – call to discuss your application!
Stainless steel entryway (No. 6709-30) accommodates any wall thickness
Interior doorway (No. 6709-40) provides easy-clean stainless steel casing and jamb
Stainless-steel-front-entrance-01-161111-IMG1218 Stainless-steel-exterior-door-frame-cantilever-01-161111-IMG-1199
Exterior doorway cantilever cover (No. 6709-55)
Exterior door frame (No. 6709-50) with entry cover and stainless steel facade
Detail of all-welded doorway cantilever cover
(No. 6709-55)
BioSafe Cleanroom Switch Glass Window Panels
BioSafe Cleanroom Switch Glass Window Panels
Components feature all-welded seams that create easy-clean moisture barriers
Detail of exterior facade (No. 6709-50) 


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