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Smart Modular Cleanroom Control Systems

Three levels of monitoring and control help you meet critical performance requirements in your new cleanroom. For existing cleanrooms, a monitoring system can be retrofitted using one of Terra's Retrofit Kits.
  • Control console provides room-by-room monitoring and control of fan/filter units (FFU) to help you maintain target pressure, temperature, humidity and particle levels based on sensor feedback
  • Each system can be customized to fit individual budgets and requirements
  • All systems are designed around EC (electrically commutated) fan/filter motors, which offer precision speed control and excellent energy-efficiency
  • Input/output (I/O) capability in Tier 3 allows the centralized control unit to automatically respond to sensor readings and adjust FFU speed
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 control systems comply with cGMP and USP requirements, simplifying inspection and certification procedures

All systems below are available for use in any Terra Hardwall Modular Cleanroom. Click the chart to compare the features of the control systems.

Call us to discuss your application!

Control Tier Summary
Call a Terra Application Specialist for pricing on a system configured to your room design and FFU quantity. Options include room sensors for pressure, temperature, humidity and particle-monitoring (Tier 3 only).


Tier One: Individual FFU/Room Control with Sensor Feedback

This console can control the speeds of up to 50 fans and five rooms independently from a single graphical screen display.

It also has the capability to display feedback from any sensors added to the system, allowing you to view temperature, humidity, or pressure levels and adjust the fan speeds accordingly– all on a single console!

This system operates with EC motor FFUs and includes seven-day calendar set-back scheduling to conserve energy when the room is not in use.

  Cat. # Price
Tier 1 Smart Control System 6702-83 call TUI
Legend Chart


Tier Two: Individual FFU/Room Control with Environmental Monitoring and Data Logging

This control level features a color 3.5” touchscreen control panel that includes an Ethernet port and the ability to log sensor data.

The automatic data logging feature provides traceable evidence of environmental conditions within the cleanroom, reducing the amount of time spent by personnel on FDA compliance.

The larger console monitors and controls up to 100 Fan/Filter Units that can be configured for up to 8 rooms.

  Cat. # Price
Tier 2 Smart Control System 6702-84 call TUI
Legend Chart


Tier Three: Fully Automated FFU Control with Environmental Monitoring and Datalogging

Ideal for highly regulated facilities, this system takes the guesswork out of maintaining environmental targets. This control console automatically adjusts FFU speeds to maintain a set-point sensor reading in each room.  The desired set-point can be based on pressure levels, airflow (air changes per hour) or particle counts.

If at any time a component's performance falls out of specification, local alarms and email alerts are activated.  All data generated by the sensors can be automatically stored on the SD card and accessed remotely via the Ethernet port.

A 5.7” color touchscreen panel is configured to animate your ceiling grid configuration and displays all environmental data for easy viewing.  These systems can also be custom configured to meet many other process requirements; call us to discuss your application!

Filter Fan Control Filter Fan Control Filter Fan Control
  Cat. # Price
Tier 3 Smart Control System 6702-85 call TUI
Legend Chart

Environmental Monitoring Retrofit Kits

AirCare Retrofit Kit Components

Cleanroom Monitoring System - Retrofit Kit

This kit allows an existing structure to be equipped with all of the components necessary to monitor the pressure levels in up to three cleanrooms, as well as temperature and humidity in the main workspace.  The retrofit kit includes:

  • 3 Pressure Sensors
  • 1 Combined Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  • SD Card datalogging
  • 2.4" graphical screen (Tier 1)
  • Audible alarm and programmable alarm limits
  • NEMA 1 enclosure (for mounting console and sensors)

The standard package above can be upgraded to include:

  • 3.5" color touchscreen (Tier 2)
  • Ethernet port for remote data access and downloading
  • Automatic alarm notification via email
  Cat. # Price
Retrofit Cleanroom Monitoring Kit - 2.4" Graphical Screen 6702-32 $ 2,925
Retrofit Cleanroom Monitoring Kit - 3.5" Touchscreen 6702-33 $ 4,425
AirCare Retrofit Kit Enclosure

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