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High Volume Cleanroom Exhaust Fans & Ventilators

cleanroom with exhaust fans
Negative-pressure containment BioSafe® cleanroom, showing return ducts to ceiling-mounted exhaust fans.
High-Volume Air Handlers in Cleanroom illustration”
  • Adjustable high-volume fans allows precise regulation of pressure inside a cleanroom or other enclosures
  • HEPA-filtered model removes sub-micron powders and other particles to protect the external environment
  • Ideal for operations with hazardous materials that require negative pressure inside the controlled environment
  • Optional power control allows remote adjustment of fan speed to simplify air balancing

These high volume exhaust fans convert any enclosure into a negative-pressure room that safely contains biological materials, pharmaceutical powders, and other potential environmental hazards.

Typically, exhaust air from the laminar-flow cleanroom is passed to the exhaust fan by means of take-up ducts located along the room perimeter (see illustration). By adjusting the high-volume fan, you can regulate the amount of air exhausted from and recirculated into the room to control the internal pressure. Recirculated air passes back into the room via a ceiling plenum chamber.

Exhaust Fan
No. 6602-45: 3-phase model
can be remotely controlled

3-Phase High-Volume Exhaust Fan

This compact unit includes a 2410 RPM fan that provides 1420 CFM (2414 m³/hr) of exhaust flow at 0"SP (average velocity: 2,595 feet/minute (13 m/s), exhausted to 10",254 mm,-dia. duct). Dimensions: 26"W (660 mm), incl. intake duct, x 23"D x 27"H (584 mm x 686 mm). Intake flange: 10" (254 mm) dia. Exhaust flange: 7"W x 13"H (178 mm x 330 mm). Weight: 140 lbs.(64 kg) Optional Variable Control System allow remote fan speed adjustment of multiple units.
High-Volume Exhaust Fan
  Cat. # Price
High-Volume Exhaust Fan
(220VAC, 50/60hz, 3 phase)
6602-45-220 $ 3,184
Variable Control System
Allows speed control of multiple units
from a remote console
6602-25 call TUI

High-Volume Air Handlers
No. 6710-67

Ventilation illustration

Floor-Mount High-Volume Exhaust Fans

These models are ideal for high-volume removal of non-hazardous exhaust. An available filter removes up to 95% of particles 0.5 microns and larger.

Ceiling-Mount Exhaust Fan
These exhaust fans are ideal for operations that generate chemical fumes or airborne contaminants. Exhausted air can be ducted or filtered for release.

Select HEPA/ULPA filters for removal of fine powders and other particles. If ducting is required, specify flange size. Based on your room size and ventilation requirements, a Terra application specialist will help you select the size and quantity of modules below to provide effective ventilation.

High-Volume Exhaust Fans (includes 10", 254 mm,– diameter x 2", 51 mm, flange) Corresponding Exit Filters
Air Flow Motor
120VAC, 60Hz 220VAC, 50/60Hz Filter Efficiency 90-95%
@ 0" SP @ 1" SP Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
2418 CFM
9806 m³/hr
2012 CFM
6999 m³/hr
1 HP 6710-67 $ 5,403 6710-67-220 $ 5,403 6710-64 $ 139

Ceiling Exhaust Fans: Each includes two 0.25HP fans Corresponding Exit Filters

Air Flow (combined
total for 2)

Size (each)
120VAC, 60Hz 220VAC, 50/60Hz With
HEPA Filter
ULPA Filter
Carbon Filter
@ 0" SP @ 1" SP Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
1196 CFM
2033 m³/hr
896 CFM
1523 m³/hr
0.25 HP 6600-70 $ 1,852 6600-70-220 $ 1,706 1681-02 $ 404 1681-10 $ 472 1716-00A $ 473

High-Capacity HEPA-Filtered Air Handler

High-Capacity, HEPA-Filtered Exhaust Fan

  • Provides a high-volume flow of HEPA-filtered air (3000 CFM average (5100 m³/hr)
  • Ideal for a wide range of critical environment applications—
    • decontamination of surgical zones, even field surgical tents
    • emergency ventilation of contaminated facilities
    • creation of clean zones within an existing clean room

Terra's High-Capacity Exhaust Fan provides up to 3200 CFM (5440 m³/hr), 3000 CFM (5100 m³/hr) average, of HEPA-filtered air. In a positive-pressure system, it provides particle-free air to a remote enclosure, creating a clean environment in nearly any space. Used as a ventilator, it removes sub-micron particles, including aerosols and most bacteria, from an exhaust flow to allow safe indoor release. Dimensions: 30"W x 48"D x 31"H (762 mm x 1219 mm x 787 mm), 67" (1702 mm) with built-in stand. Stainless steel housing.

  Cat. # Price
High-Capacity Exhaust Fan 120VAC 6710-68 $ 4,492
208VAC 6710-68-208 $ 4,492
HEPA Filter (two required)
99.99% efficient @0.3µm particles
2100-20 Call TUI

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A few simple modifications to your cleanroom can increase efficiency, boost performance and slash operating expenses. Read about the steps you can take to optimize your controlled-environment facility.
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