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Smart Cleanroom™ Access Control Systems

Maglock 3000
A strong magnetic field holds the two halves together until the field is interrupted
Pushbutton 6290
Pressing the Exit button deactivates the electromagnetic lock for a preset amount of time
Terra's modular cleanrooms can be outfitted with an integrated security system that can accommodate your choice of high-tech access control and personnel monitoring features. The system uses one common control module to provide power and signals to each of the individual access points, minimizing the need for additional power sources and wiring. Most of the access control features can be combined into a single control system or even added in the future to tailor the level of security to each facility's particular needs.
  • Fully integrate any doors and/or pass-throughs into one total cleanroom security system
  • Security features can be combined with door interlocking capabilities to prevent cross-contamination
  • Go keyless! Make it fast and easy for personnel to enter/exit protected rooms
  • Keep your sensitive, critical environments secure
  • No keys to make, or doors to lock at the end of shifts
  • Maintain control of all personnel entering the cleanroom

Electromagnetic Door Locks

Terra's security systems use an electromagnetic lock capable of resisting 500 lbs. of force. When the lock receives a signal from the control module, the magnetic field is interrupted, allowing the door to open. Once the door closes, the magnetic field is re-established.

Each electromagnetic door lock includes an oversized Exit button that deactivates the magnetic field for a short time to allow personnel to exit the cleanroom. For additional security, a second Access Control Module (such as a keycard reader) can be installed inside the room to monitor personnel leaving the cleanroom.

For swing-doors, an electronically activated bolt can be substituted for the electromagnetic door lock. All sliding doors require the electromagnetic version.

Smart Access Security Modules

Terra offers a range of controlled-access options for facilities that require a high degree of security. For the highest levels of security, biometric scanners can control cleanroom access according to personnel fingerprints or iris scans. For basic cleanroom security, entry doors can be equipped with keycard readers and/or keypads that offer a simpler interface for faster-paced operations.

Iris Scanner
Iris Scanner
Finger Print Scanner
Fingerprint Scanner
ProxPad Card Reader
ProxPad Card Reader
Keycard Reader
Keycard Reader
Installed Card Reader
ProxPad Card Reader preinstalled
in a cleanroom control panel

Each type of keyless entry system requires an individual interface module (i.e. the ProxPad card reader of the fingerprint scanner), a magnetic door lock, an Exit button, and a power supply connection.

For the main entrance to the cleanroom, the interface will typically be designed into the cleanroom control panel, located next to the fan/filter unit controls and pressure gauges. For any other doorways/pass-throughs, the interface will be installed on the nearest vertical upright to the door, unless otherwise specified. All security systems use a dedicated power supply, separate from the cleanroom's lights and fan/filter units.

When personnel successfully deactivate the door lock, there will be a five-second delay before the lock reactivates. If a door is propped open for 30 seconds or more, an alert will sound. For doors that are forced open, an alert sounds after 10 seconds. These alerts continue to sound until the door is closed. An optional battery back-up will continue to power the doors in the event of a power loss.
Smart Access Security Modules for Cleanroom Doors
Type Door Type Cat. # Price
Iris Scanner Swinging 5050-36 $ 4,492
Sliding 5050-33 $ 4,702
Fingerprint Scanner Swinging 5050-37 $ 2,098
Sliding 5050-34 $ 2,288
ProxPad Card Reader Swinging 5050-31 $ 1,581
Sliding 5050-30 $ 1,768
Keycard Reader Swinging 5050-38 $ 1,198
Sliding 5050-35 $ 1,408
ProxCard Programmable Access Card (each) 5050-32 $ 91

Each Smart Access Security Module package will equip a single door with the following components: an access security module, an electronic door lock, an Exit button, and a power supply.

For multi-door security systems or integration with one or more Smart Pass-throughs™, please contact a Terra Product Specialist, who can help design a custom security system tailored to your facility.

Personnel-Tracking and Data-logging Capabilities

All of the security modules above can be upgraded to utilize Smart Access Control software, which enables system programming using a Web-based application and automatically records user access data generated by the security modules. This data can be accessed over a wireless Internet connection and allows users to run reports, configure security levels, and allow/deny access for specific personnel inputs.

Smart Access Control Systems
  Cat. # Price
Smart Access Control System 2635-83 $ 1,922
Personnel Tracking
Automatically record and monitor
personnel entry and exit using the
Smart Access Control software

Smart Interlock™ System for Doors and Pass-Throughs

PLC Interface
PLC interface for a custom interlock system that controls 5 doors and 10 pass-throughs

For cleanrooms designed with multiple entry points or interconnected rooms, the doors can be equipped with a Smart Interlock System to prevent a sudden loss of positive pressure and the resulting influx of air due to personnel inadvertently opening too many doors at once. When one of the interlocked doors is open, all other interconnected door locks will activate and prevent personnel from opening any of the other doors. This feature can prove invaluable for preventing cross-contamination in high-volume production facilities that utilize multiple cleanrooms with varying cleanliness levels.

The interlock system arrives preprogrammed and the status of the interlocked doors can be monitored through a PLC display located at the cleanroom control panel.

In the event of an emergency or power outage, the interlocks will be deactivated in any swing doors and the sliding doors will swing open if pushed forcefully outward.

Smart Interlock Systems
  Cat. # Price
Smart Interlock™ System 1702-01 Call TUI

Notifications and Audible Alarms

Smart Door Alarm
Audible chimes alert personnel to door-opening and interlock activation

If a cleanroom is designed with an electromagnetic door interlock system, personnel can avoid confusion or workflow interruptions if the system is equipped with visual and/or audible notification of when the interlock is engaged.

The Smart Interlock System can be equipped with two audible alarms that notify personnel when an interlocked door has been opened (or accidentally left open). These alarms can also be added to any non-interlocked doors to simply provide notification of cleanroom door-opening.

In the event of an emergency or power outage, the interlocks will be deactivated in any swing doors and the sliding doors will swing open if pushed forcefully outward.

Terra also offers a Door Status Display Bar that can be equipped to each interlocked door to serve as a quick visual indication of the interlock's status. This recessed strip of LED lights glows red when the interlock is engaged and glows green when the door can be opened. For a more detailed status indicator, a Smart message Panel can be added to the control panel that provides text readouts of each interlocked door's status and any possible error codes, as well as maintenance alerts and measurements from different types of sensors.

Smart Interlock™ Status Indicators
Type Cat. # Price
Smart Door Alarm 2635-58 $ 148
LED Display Bar 2635-92 Call TUI
Smart Message Panel 2635-91 $ 593

Video Surveillance System

Security cameras can be integrated with Terra's cleanrooms either as a stand-alone system or as part of one of the Access Control Systems listed above. Stand-alone systems can be programmed to record continuously or only as activated by an occupancy sensor. When combined with an Access Control System, the Video Surveillance System can begin recording upon personnel entry and stop recording after all personnel exit. The system can also be designed to stream live-video to a remote location using a wireless Internet connection.

The same video capabilities can be built into Terra's Smart™ Pass-throughs and connected to the main cleanroom security system.

Smart Video Surveillance Systems
  Cat. # Price
Smart Video Surveillance System 2635-93 $ 224
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