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Roll-Up Doors and Windows

Roll-up door
Floor-mounted cleanroom Roll-Up Door
shown (Cat. No. 1999-01).
Roll-up door
Floor-mounted cleanroom Roll-Up Door
shown (Cat. No. 1999-03).
Rool-up door
Wall-mount roll-up door with 6-inch shelf
(Cat. no. 1999-10).

Terra Universal's Cleanroom Roll-Up Doors make it easy to transport carts and large equipment into and out of a facility. They are highly space efficient and easy to operate, with doors that automatically roll up and down at the push of a button.

  • Eliminates the need for door clearance, saving valuable floor space
  • Touch panel buttons are easy to operate and respond to gloved fingertips
  • Bi-directional motor and disk brake ensure smooth, accurate door motion and full braking power in the event of a power failure
  • Infrared beam sensors will stop the door from closing if they detect objects in its path
  • A key-switch locks the door in the open position to prevent inadvertent operation while performing maintenance
  • The lock-down function closes the door and emits an audible alarm until lock-down is deactivated
  • The emergency stop button will stop the door and reverse it to the fully open position

The Cleanroom Roll-Up Door is designed to be easy to install in either a Terra Universal Modular Cleanroom or an existing building.  The two sides of the door frame are fitted into the wall cut-out and fastened together.  The door motor housing is then mounted at the top of the door frame, along with the electrical box that houses the control board.  The slatted aluminum door feeds out of the motor housing and into the tracks built into the door frame.  The power cord extends from the control box on top of the motor housing and can be connected to any standard outlet.

The materials used in the construction of the door are all cleanroom-compatible.  304 stainless steel makes up the frame and housings, while the door itself is powder-coated aluminum.  The touch panel is mounted flush in the door frame to make it easy to wipe down and sterilize.  An LED indicator light signals to personnel that the door is receiving power and is operational.

High-speed, full-size cleanroom roll-up doors available.

Roll-Up Door, Floor Mount


Voltage Uninstalled
Cat. # Price

31"W x 63"H
(787 x 1600)

110 1999-01 $ 7,053
52.75"W x 66.75"H
(1340 x 1695)
110 1999-02 $ 7,480
69"W x 72.5"H
(1753 x 1842)
110 1999-03 $ 8,493
Roll-Up Doors, Wall-Mount
29.5"W x 42"H
(749 x 1067)
110 1999-00 $ 5,757
29.5"W x 42"H x 6"D
(749 x 1067 x 152)
110 1999-10 $ 6,823

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Roll-Up Door: Doc. # 1788-31
This manual provides installation and operating instructions for the stand-alone Roll-Up Door (floor-mount).
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