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Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Packaging

Products used to diagnose or treat conditions medical devices and pharmaceuticals in this case need strict control in both the development/manufacturing and packaging phases. These products have direct contact with living beings, whether they are used to gather data in vitro, or ingested in vivo to trigger chemical reactions in the body. As such, they are held to high standards for safety and sterilization. Efficacious (and costly) devices and treatments may become contaminated and unfit for use if they lack sterile equipment or conditions. Effective packages serve as barriers against the environment and are backed by proven quality control inspection protocol. Packaging acts to shield instruments, implants, raw materials and finished drugs from elements that degrade the integrity of the components or ingredients and threaten their validity or stability (i.e., drug shelf life). These elements may include moisture, oxygen, light, electrostatic discharge (ESD) or temperature. Products are packaged in a variety of materials including blister packs, foil sachets and vacuum pouches. Automated equipment offering uniformity and cost-efficiency is often used for larger-volume packaging; this equipment is typically housed in a cleanroom enclosure for safe control of microbial contaminants and environmental variables. Packaging of devices and drugs is completed in a controlled environment to maintain sterility. The products featured here were selected to help your purchasing efforts: enclosures for either hands-on packaging or full automation lines; environmentally-controlled storage to protect sensitive formulations; and cleaners and gowning products that meet regulatory requirements.
Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Packaging
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