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120ElectronicAdjustable Volume0.010.21 ChannelPositive DisplacementLH-745021 5703-24 60747 $1,4455-7 Days2
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume0.010.28 ChannelPositive DisplacementLH-745321 5703-91 60753 $2,4535-7 Days3
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume0.010.212Positive DisplacementLH-745421 5703-95 60757 $3,0245-7 Days4
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume0.15 - 120 µl1 ChannelPositive DisplacementLH-745041 5703-25 60748 $1,4455-7 Days5
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume0.2101 ChannelPositive DisplacementLH-745061 5703-26 60749 $1,4455-7 Days6
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume1 µl501 ChannelPositive DisplacementLH-745081 5703-27 60750 $1,4455-7 Days7
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume5 µl1001 ChannelPositive DisplacementLH-745101 5703-28 60751 $1,4455-7 Days8
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume105001 ChannelPositive DisplacementLH-745111 5703-29 60752 $1,4455-7 Days9
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume0.15 - 120 µl8 ChannelPositive DisplacementLH-745341 5703-92 60754 $2,4535-7 Days10
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume0.2108 ChannelPositive DisplacementLH-745361 5703-93 60755 $2,4535-7 Days11
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume1 µl508 ChannelPositive DisplacementLH-745391 5703-94 60756 $2,4535-7 Days12
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume0.15 - 120 µl12Positive DisplacementLH-745441 5703-96 60758 $3,0245-7 Days13
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume0.21012Positive DisplacementLH-745461 5703-97 60759 $3,0245-7 Days14
In stock
120ElectronicAdjustable Volume1 µl5012Positive DisplacementLH-745491 5703-98 60760 $3,0245-7 Days15
In stock
Adjustment Increments
Number of Channels
Displacement Type
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Product Details
  • Picus NxT Electronic Pipettes ideal for use in highly regulated labs where compliance is paramount.
  • Certificate of accredited 3-point calibration (per ISO 17025 and ISO 8655) satisfies quality system requirements
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design minimizes repetitive strain injury (RSI),
  • Available in 1-channel, 8-channel and 12-channel models
  • RFID-enabled for asset management support
  • Repeated Blow-Out Pipetting Mode for viscous liquids
  • Electronic Tip Ejection and a soft-touch operating button minimizes muscle strain
  • 8 main pipetting modes plus 7 additional speeds up pipetting processes
  • 10 program memory, Pipetting cycles >1000
  • Positive-displacement pipettes improve accuracy and prevent cross-contamination
  • Applications: PCR and other DNA/RNA techniques, ELISA, protein analysis, cell culture
  • Available SafetySpace Filter Tips, Optifit Tips and Charging Stands

  • COVID-19 Contamination Control Products by Terra Universal
  • Overview video of the Picus line of electronic pipettes Picus Electronic Pipettes from Sartorius
Overview video of the Picus line of electronic pipettes
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Features and Pipetting Modes

Additional Features of Picus NxT Electronic Pipettes with

  • Autoclavable lower parts: 121°C, 20 min, 1 bar (except 1200 µl multichannel models)
  • Ergonomic design for minimum handling effort; handle and finger hook rest lightly on hand
  • Optional Password protection for stored programs
  • Quick volume setting with adjustment wheel
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Lightweight at just 100 grams for 1-channel models
  • Soft-touch operating button
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery with protection circuit; 1 hour charging time; Universal charger
  • DC-motor concept: Electronic brake and Electronic piston control for precise pipetting for all operators
  • Plate tracker for increased reliability in microwell plate dispensing
  • Electronic piston control and brake for precise results
  • Intuitive user interface in various language options: English, French, German, Russian and Chinese
Pipetting Modes of Picus NxT
Main Pipetting Modes on all Picus NxT Pipettes
Additional Modes used with Main Pipetting Modes
Repeated Blow-OutTrackerMixingCounterExcess Volume
Fast Dispensing
Reversing Pipetting    
Manual Pipetting      
Multi Dispensing    
Sequential Dispensing      
Multi Aspiration      
Compatatible FiterTips and Stands with Sartorius Picus NxT Electronic Pipettes
SafetySpace Filter Tips Features
  • Compatible with other Sartorius and other pipette brands
  • Filter Tips Material: Virgin polypropylene and feature filter (PE) barriers
  • Filter Material: Polyethylene without "self-sealing" additives (avoids interference with sample and results)
  • Ideal for molecular biology, microbiology, cell culture applications, radioactive work
  • More space between sample and filter in comparison to conventional filter tips
  • Prevents aerosol and liquid contamination, cross-contamination and reduces maintenance requirements of pipettes
  • Eliminates risk of sample permeating the filter
  • Ensures full sample recovery for greater accuracy
  • Racks labeled with volume, product number and lot number for easy tip identification and traceability
  • Trays and Racks fully autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes
  • Racks (sealed in air-tight plastic), trays and tips 100% recyclable
  • Eliminates DNase, RNase and endotoxins with pre-sterilization and E-beam irradiation
  • Applications: pipetting solvents, pipetting foaming liquids such as buffers and proteins, multiple dispensing functions of electronic pipettes, reverse pipetting
Optifit Tips Features
  • Compatible with Optiload feature on Sartorius mechanical and electronic pipettes; also compatible with other pipette brands
  • Provides perfect fitting and sealing for highest accuracy and precision
  • Material: highest quality virgin polypropylene
  • Manufactured in ISO 8 Clean Room environment to ensure purity; complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 from R&D to production and delivery
  • Select Tips are pre-sterilized and e-beam irradiated to eliminate DNase, RNase and endotoxins

Other Compatible Sartorius Pipettes Accessories: Charging Stand for One Pipette, Charging Carousel for 4 Pipettes, Linear Stand (non-charging) for Mechanical and Electronic Pipettes

Picus NXT Design Features

The Picus NxT is optimized for 21 CFR Part 11 labs requiring data traceability. Ergonomically designed and lightweight pipettes minimize repetitive strain injury and deliver accurate, reliable results.

Multi-Channel Picus NXT Pipettes

8-channel and 12-channel pipettes include electronic tip ejection and ergonomic soft-touch operating button.
Available Accessories
Popular Accessories
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  • Electronic Pipette Charging Station

    Charging Carousel for 4 Sartorius Pipettes include a USB adaptor for uninterrupted pipetting when charging pipettes
  • Single Electronic Pipettes Charging Station

    Sartorius Single-Pipette Charging Stand includes a USB adaptor used for uninterrupted pipetting when charging pipettes; compatible with all Sartorius electronic pipettes
  • Linear Pipette Stand

    Non-Charging Linear Stand compatible with all Sartorius mechanical and electronic pipettes (eLINE®, mLINE®, Proline Plus and Picus)
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