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Side Panels

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Powder-Coated Steel120 VClear Acrylic 1692-90 $3,02625-35 Days
Powder-Coated Steel120 VTempered Glass 1692-95 $2,78335-45 Days
Powder-Coated Steel120 VStatic-Dissipative PVC 1692-93 $3,60225-35 Days
Powder-Coated Steel120 VClear Acrylic 1692-91 $3,23125-35 Days
Powder-Coated Steel120 VStatic-Dissipative PVC 1692-94 $3,84525-35 Days
Powder-Coated Steel120 VTempered Glass 1692-96 $2,96735-45 Days
Frame Material
Side Panels
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Product Details

• Includes a timed UVC irradiation lamp to decontaminate hood after use

• HEPA-filtered laminar airflow for ISO 5-level cleanliness

• Fluorescent light fixture and transparent panels offer plenty of light

• Air-velocity meter to confirm sufficient airflow at the sash

• Choose from acrylic or static-dissipative PVC panels

• Optional stainless steel work surface for durability and corrosion-resistance

• Powder-coated steel frame allows panels to slide out for cleaning/replacement

• Full-length front access shield can be safely closed during UV decontamination cycles (includes magnetic latches

• HEPA filter rated 99.99% efficient for particles 0.3 micron or larger

• Anodized aluminum diffuser panel ensures uniform face velocity

• Low-vibration blower and rubber mounts minimize disruption at the work surface

• Status Indicator Light flashes to warn personnel when the blower is not operating

• PCR Laminar Flow Hood is designed to meet your RNA- and DNA-amplification and replication needs

• Includes UVC Disinfection Module with "exposure switch" to protect users from harmful UV light

• Vertical HEPA-filtered air flow maintains ISO-5 compliant work area

• Fully-enclosed environment keeps UV energy safely contained during sterilization

• No installation required, plugs directly into a standard 110 volt outlet

• Air flow speed of >90 feet/minutes (0.46 m/s) from the Hood’s HEPA filter

• Hood operates quietly: 50 dBA measured 30" (762 mm) from HEPA filter face

• Samples and equipment introduced to Hood via large front opening through sash

Laminar Flow Hoods

  • PCR Workstation PCR Workstation
PCR Workstation

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • UV Germicidal Lamp
    The V-Ray germicidal UV lamp is installed within a Terra hood to inhibit microbial growth on the work surface
  • Cost-effective Pipette Multipacks
    mLINE Multipacks available in 3 to 5 pack kits that include compatible Optifit Tips and a linear stand
  • Proline Plus Single-Channel Mechanical Pipette
    Proline Plus mechanical pipettes are compatible with Sartorius optifit tips and safety space filter tips.
  • Proline Plus 12-Channel Mechanical Pipette
    Ideal for high throughput environments, the Proline Plus in the Biohit family of Liquid Handling products from Sartorius combines lightweight, ergonomic design and precision in a robust pipette ideal for experienced lab professionals and students.
  • Pipette Shelf, SDPVC, for PCR Hoods
    Organizes mechanical and electronic pipettes

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