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Series 300, 400, 500 and 600 Options

changeable sleeve/glove combination

Changeable Sleeve/Glove Combination

These accordion sleeves fit into the ports of Terra’s atmospheric chambers for safe, easy handling of materials. They can be used with a variety of gloves, allowing you to change glove size or type without changing the sleeve itself. Supplied with one pair of nitrile industrial gloves

High-Performance Vacuum Oven

This Vacuum/Nitrogen oven features double doors for such pass-through operations as resistance and seam welding of hybrids and many other microelectronic packages.

The rugged 1"-thick (25mm) stainless steel doors operate smoothly from both ends, and are designed to allow easy attachment to the left side of the Terra Series 300 or 400 stainless steel atmospheric chamber. Door flanges hold circulating water to speed up the cooling of the chamber during cycling operations; the oven can then remove the moisture completely prior to sealing operations. The high temperature cut-out provides protection against overheating for safe operation.

Modular Vacuum Oven

This unit provides a compact, economical alternative to Terra’s larger Vacuum/Nitrogen Oven for applications that don’t require extremely high temperatures or vacuums; it is ideal for R&D, laboratory, and production operations. It interfaces with the Stainless Steel Atmospheric Chamber to deliver the heat and/or vacuum required in many manufacturing operations, including resistance and seam welding of hybrids and many other microelectronic packages.


port covers

Iris Ports

Self-closing silicone ports allow convenient access to glove boxes without the need for special gloves; the iris opens when you insert hands and closes when you remove them. Easy to install onto standard glove ports—simply slip them into the port from the inside of the glove box.

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Dryex™ Gas Dryer

Removes moisture and particulates from compressed air feed.

Nitrogen Generator

Semiporous micromembrane technology yields 99.9% pure nitrogen to ensure an economical, reliable, uninterrupted gas source

Tilt-Up Viewing Window

Swings open for easy access. Dual piston mechanisms hold the window securely open. Price includes modification of Series 300 or 400 stainless steel glove box to include hinged viewing window. Must be ordered together with affected glove box. Dimensions given are for cut-out

Bellows Eyepiece Interface

This cutout is sealed with a bellow-type diaphragm to allow viewing of a stereo microscope positioned inside any of Terra's stainless steel glove boxes. Standard cutout size is 8"W x 6"H (203 x 152mm). Specify desired location or custom size when ordering.

Glove Box Dual Purge™ System

Provides variable-flow purge control to save nitrogen expenses.


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