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Series 200 Glove Box
with Remote Ventilation

In this configuration, noxious fumes generated inside the Series 200 Glove Box are ducted through a 6"-diameter (152mm) conduit to a remote filter/blower module.

A variety of filters are available to help you meet OSHA and other environmental requirements for exhaust purification. The activated charcoal filter listed below removes most organic chemical vapors to allow safe indoor release. Specialized filters are available for other fumes. More filter information. HEPA or ULPA particle filters can be used to remove particles as small as 0.12µm.

For particle-sensitive applications, an ULPA-filtered Air Inlet Module is mounted on top of the Series 200 chamber. In this application, an operator uses gloves to access materials inside the chamber.

If particles are not a concern, specify iris ports. These ports, made of multi-layered, self-closing silicone panels, allow make-up air to enter the chamber.

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