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Vacuum Service to 29.9" WG

Series 200 Glove Box
with Vacuum Service to 29.9" Hg

Like the configuration above, this application supports sustained negative pressure to 5" WG in the Series 200 Glove Box. The addition of a vacuum antechamber allows drying or degassing at up to one full atmosphere (29.9"Hg). This acrylic pass-through antechamber is available in two lengths—12" (304mm) or 23" (584mm)— and accommodates materials up to 10" x 10" (254 x 254mm).

Glove box and antechamber include dual shut-off valves (for vacuum line and backfill) and a 0 - 30"Hg vacuum gauge. The glove box also features a pressure safety switch and port caps.

A Full-Vacuum Control Module maintains a user-defined pressure level and ensures safe, efficient pump operation. The Solenoid Vacuum Kit includes all vacuum connections required for turnkey operation.

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