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Automatic Relief / Bleed (RB®) Valve —
Critical Relief

Lets you adjust the flow rate of incoming nitrogen, and Terra’s Autoamtic RB® valve releases moisture and contaminants.

Expect waste—and increased nitrogen expenses—as a consequence of static flowmeter control.

Terra's micro-machined RB® Valve performs two critical functions, and stays out of harm's way.
Terra's Automatic RB® Valve provides continuous pressure relief while also functioning as a check valve. By installing one on each desiccator chamber, you ensure that any contaminants that enter through an open door exit out the same chamber and don't migrate to other areas.
Other desiccators use either oil valves, which can contaminate a clean environment, or bulky valves that protrude from cabinets and are subject to impact damage. Terra's latest RB®Valve protrudes less than .5" (127mm) from the chamber wall. It is designed to fit against the hinge reinforcement bar, so it can't be sheered off.