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Multiple Relief/Bleed (RB) Valves:
Rapid Overpressure Relief and
Moisture Removal
  RB Vlales  
  Nitrogen purge of glove boxes is essential to attain low-humidity conditions, but reaching the set point can be time-consuming and expensive.

To get to set point quickly and economically, you need higher bleed capacity to quickly exhaust the volume entering a chamber on a high-flow purge (up to 170 CFH). Although a single bleed valve typically provides ample pressure release once this set point is attained, its reduced bleed capacity greatly extends the amount of time and nitrogen required to remove moisture-laden air at operation start-up.

For this reason, Terra Universal recommends three (3) Relief/Bleed (RB) valves in every glove box chamber, with an additional valve for each airlock. This speeds up the recovery time and reduces the amount of nitrogen gas—a savings in both time and materials—while ensuring a safe positive pressure.

The valve material is paired to the type of glovebox (plastic or stainless steel).
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