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Sliding Access Doors

  • Conserves valuable cleanroom space by eliminating door clearance requirements
  • Counterbalanced slides ensure nonparticulating, feather-light operation
  • Specify optional interlock to prevent cross contamination

These opposing doors feature 304 stainless steel door tracks mounted flush with the wall on the cleanroom side (tracks on other side protrude above front edge of chamber). The viewing windows are available in any of the materials listed on the ordering chart below. Select the size that corresponds to your chamber.

Pass-through chambers equipped with these doors include all necessary mounting hardware; no additional brackets are necessary.

Note: Door tracks of counterweighted sliding doors are 304 stainless steel (electropolished with electropolished pass-throughs). Viewing windows are made of the material specified for the pass-through ordered. No mounting brackets are necessary for installation on the cleanroom side (vertical tracks are mounted flush with walls). However, one set of brackets is recommended for the "dirty-side" wall. Sliding doors must be ordered together with the chamber—they cannont be retrofitted.

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