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Terra’s Smart Pass-Through Chamber offers a complete set of monitor/control features:
Electronic Door Interlock
Isolated from the transfer chamber to prevent contamination, this unique interlock withstands up to 185 lbs. of force when engaged.


Electrical Integration/Control
Provides power integration of all selected options: automatic door, LED or UV-C sterilizing lamp, air shower, access control system, intercom, load presence sensor, message panel and more!
Open Door Visible and Audible Alerts
Green status light indicates when clean- or dirty-side door is open; audible chimes also signal a door left open or ajar.
Access Monitor/Control
This optional security system limits and data logs access by means of key cards, fingerprint reader or iris scanner. Ideal for processing control substances or other high-security materials.
Automatic Door
Optional automatic door allow hands-free pass-through operation, enhancing compliance with aseptic protocol.
Refrigeration Module
Optional refrigerated model includes double-wall insulation and 1050 BTU closed-loop cooling unit for stable temperature to 5 degrees C.
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