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Terra’s Pass-Through Plus design optimizes chambers for use in critical environments
Flush-Mount Design
Unique unitized construction includes seamless mounting bracket that mounts flush on the cleanroom side, eliminating surfaces that collect particles.


Isolated Interlock
Door interlock prevents both doors from opening simultaneously. On these models, the interlock is isolated to keep the transfer chamber smooth and easy to clean.


Quick Installation (<5 minutes) Flush-mount pass-throughs feature a unique mounting system that allows installation in less than five minutes. No additional holes in the wall or special fasteners are required; just a single rectangular wall cut-out.
Contamination-Free Removal/Replacement
As long as you finish the wall cut-out before installation and cover the “dirty” side with plastic sheeting, you can quickly remove and replace a pass-through in minutes, without the need for a cleanroom shut-down.
Rounded Corners
These chambers feature all continuous-seam welds to eliminate cracks that can harbor germs and other contaminants. Smooth 0.375” (10 mm) radius corners simplify cleaning..
Lipless Chamber Design
No lips along the front and rear edges means no clearance obstructions. Trays and other parts slide easily in and out of the transfer chamber.
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