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BioSafe® Construction: Cleaner than Clean! Terra products bearing the BioSafe® designation features design and construction features that minimize microbial growth and promote easy sterilization:

ISO 5-rated electropolished stainless steel, FRP or C-PVC construction
Seamless construction with radius corners
cut-away seams
Seamless construction with radius corners eliminates cracks and crevices that can harbor germs. Double-wall designs with isolated hardware, such as interlocks or utilities, promote easy-clean internal surfaces. Cut-away seams on dispensers eliminate cracks and welds for more thorough cleaning
removable components
non-slip leveling foot
Bio-seal gaskets use non-outgassing, chemical resistant materials. Non-Slip Leveling Foot with All-Stainless Steel Stem included on step ladders to enhance safety and prevent corrosion common with other leveling feet.