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Terra Universal Product Review
Publication Guidelines

To ensure that our website users find accurate and reliable information on our ratings and reviews pages, we ask that you consider these publications guidelines before submitting your comments:

  • We publish submissions only from persons who work at a company or organization that purchased the product from Terra Universal, either directly, or through one of Terra’s online stores (at or or from a Terra-authorized representative or distributor. Submissions that can’t be tracked to a Terra purchase may not be published.
  • Specific reviews are more helpful than vague ones. Use the following questions to help focus your comments.
    • What problem or processing need drove your interest in this product?
    • Why did you choose to purchase this product from Terra?
    • Has this product performed as expected?
  • A review will not be published if it contains comments that are threatening, harassing, lewd, vulgar, or contain hateful or inappropriate language.
  • Names of companies other than Terra Universal, and mention of websites other than Terra’s, do not appear in published reviews. A review may be redacted if it contains references to another company or company website.
  • Reviews should address issues relating to design, quality or operation of a specific Terra product. Reviews containing opinions about Terra websites, employees, shipping, packaging, pricing, or other non-product content may not be published.
  • The product being reviewed must be set up and/or used correctly. A review will not be published if comments suggest that the product was incorrectly operated.
  • Terra asks that you include your e-mail address so that we can follow up on your use of the product or to help solve problems you experienced with it. When your review is published, only your name and comments will be visible. Your e-mail address and company name will not be published or used for any marketing purposes.
Thank you for taking the time to review Terra products!
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