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Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers and Air Showers

Pass-Through Chambers (Pass Boxes) and Air Showers:
Contamination-free Parts and Personnel Transfer

  DEF: Terra’s Pass-Through Chambers are wall-mount enclosures, with available interlocked doors, which optimize cleanroom conditions by allowing convenient transfer of materials, thereby limiting personnel entry and exit while preserving the positive pressure inside the cleanroom.

Technical resources on Pass-Through Chambers . . .
Terra manufactures the most comprehensive lines of Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers available, including advanced BioSafe Passthroughs for bio cleanrooms and other application-specific designs. Select among many materials, including 304/316 stainless steel, acid-resistant polypropylene, transparent acrylic and static-dissipative PVC.

Don’t see the model you’re looking for? Save time and money by selecting one of Terra’s Preengineered Custom Pass-throughs. Terra also includes dozens of pass-through chamber drawings at our resource page for Architects, Engineers and Contractors, making it simple to spec in a Terra chamber for your project. Of call Terra to discuss special requirements.

Terra Cleanroom Pass-Throughs: Specifications and Pricing

Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers


Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers

A full range of pass-through chambers made of stainless steel, powder-coated steel, acrylic, dissipative PVC, and polypropylene. All are available with interlocks, swing or slide-up doors, HEPA air showers, and many other pass-through chamber accessories.



CleanSeam™ Pass-Through Chambers

These 304/316 stainless steel pass-through chambers feature continuous seam welds to reduce particle infiltration in critical applications.



Pass-Throughs for Terra Modular Cleanrooms

These passthroughs, available in a wide range of materials and sizes, features a mounting panel for easy installation on Terra Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms.

BioSafe Pass-through


BioSafe® Pass-Through Chambers

These double-wall, 304/316 stainless steel pass-throughs take an uncompromising approach to bio cleanroom requirements. Their seamless, lipless design eliminates crevices that can harbor germs – even the interlock is externally mounted in a sealed chamber.

pass-through accessories


Pass-Through Chamber Accessories

Slide-up doors, interlocks, UV germicidal lighting modules, HEPA-filtered air showers, and many other optional accessories to enhance pass-through performance.

special pass-throughs


Special Pass-Throughs

Review Terra’s unique designs for special cleanroom pass-through requirements, including roll-up door pass-throughs.

air showers


Air Showers

High-velocity HEPA-filtered air dislodges and removes particles as personnel and carts enter the cleanroom.



Pass-Through Section Resources

Interactive QuickQuote planning form lets you submit a Request-for-Quotation via email for a system configured to your requirements. A fast, easy way to specify the right chamber for your applications!



Pre-Engineered Pass-Throughs

Save time and money by selecting a pre-engineered custom pass-through chamber. Dozens of designs available in several materials and many sizes.

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