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Modular Cleanrooms

Modular Hardwall, Softwall, and BioSafe® Biopharmaceutical Cleanrooms

Terra Universal’s Modular Cleanrooms are freestanding steel structures that require no external ceiling supports. Hardwall and softwall plastic cleanroom designs can be configured to meet cleanliness requirements to Class 100/ISO 5 using HEPA or ULPA ceiling fan/filter modules. BioSafe® biopharmaceutical cleanrooms incorporate aseptic design features, including smooth interior panels, and UV or VHP sterilization modules.

Regardless of your cleanroom requirements, Terra provides a complete turnkey system and performs all installation to your production schedule. Call to discuss your application, or complete Terra’s easy QuickQuote Cleanroom Planning Guide for a prompt quotation.

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Videos icon Modular Cleanroom Installation and Testing
Time Lapse of a modular hardwall cleanroom being erected and tested prior to shipping.
Client List for Terra Modular Cleanrooms

DEF: Terra’s Modular Cleanrooms are free-standing enclosures that are environmentally controlled with respect to airborne particulates (generated both externally and internally), temperature, humidity, air pressure, air flow patterns and direction, static charges, fire safety, and lighting.

Technical resources
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Terra Modular Cleanrooms: Specifications and Pricing

Cleanroom Design


Select Your Cleanroom Design

This design overview helps you choose the design that meets your requirement for cleanliness (Class 10/ISO 3, Class 100/ISO 5 or higher cleanroom), ventilation rooms, or bio/pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

Hardwall and Softwall Modular Cleanrooms


Hardwall and Softwall Modular Cleanrooms

Hardwall plastic cleanrooms are available in several panel materials to meet requirements for cleanliness, static safety and chemical resistance. Portable softwall cleanrooms combine function and economy.

BioSafe<sup>®</sup> All-steel cleanroom


BioSafe® Steel Modular Cleanrooms

These biopharmaceutical aseptic cleanrooms feature double-wall steel construction with ultra-smooth, crevice-free interior panels that facilitate cleaning and sterilization. Completely free-standing, they require no external bracing and are available with UV sterilization modules, pass-through chambers, and air conditioning.

Cleanroom accessories


Modular Clean Rooms Accessories

Includes clean room ceiling fan/filter modules, lights, air handlers, environmental monitors, and other equipment required to configure a turnkey system for specific clean room requirements of the semiconductor, biotech, pharmaceutical, aerospace, medical device or related industry.

Cleanroom accessories


Barrier Walls and Panels

Glass, stainless steel, and plastic walls provide an economical barrier between areas with differing cleanliness classifications. Strip shield panels contain dust while allowing easy access.

Cleanroom accessories


Installation, Testing and Calibration

Terra supports your project from pre-sales consultation to final validation

Cleanroom resources chart


Clean Room Section Resources

Clean room white papers, operation guidelines, QuickQuote request forms, photo galleries, and other resources to help you design your clean room facility.

Cleanroom related products pass-through


Clean Room Related Products

Access to related product information, including clean room pass-through chambers (pass-boxes), clean room and gowning room furnishings, and clean room storage system.
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