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Rotary Vane Pumps

ILMVAC PZ6 Rotary Vane Pumps
  • Two stage rotary vane pump
  • High water vapor tolerance (60 mbar for P6Z and 35 mbar for P12Z)
  • Max. leak rate of inlet valve 7x10-5 mbar l/sec
  • Integrated oil control glass
  • High temperature heat dissipation
  • Easy to service and clean

The P-Z series rotary vane pumps have a high water vapor tolerance with a compact design. Due to their low weight, small dimensions and the high vacuum performance, these chemically suitable pumps are ideal for use in the laboratory. They are low maintenance, compact and exceptionally quiet. Applications include chemical laboratories, backing pump, freeze drying, and process engineering.

Importance of Water Vapor Tolerance

ILMVAC Rotary Vane Pumps are designed to withstand large amounts of water vapor in the vacuum pump’s inlet vapor stream. This “water vapor tolerance” is the maximum inlet pressure at which you can pump pure water vapor without condensing water inside the pump. If the inlet pressure rises above this level then liquid water will accumulate inside the pump. ILMVAC specifies this parameter in mbar of water pressure. The higher the number, the more water vapor the pump can tolerate before condensing water which would mix with the oil and harm the pump.

The user can open the gas ballast valve to dilute the inlet water vapor with room air as a means of avoiding condensation in the pump. However, this practice will reduce the ultimate vacuum capability of the pump. A larger water vapor tolerance means the user can enjoy the ultimate vacuum performance of the pump without resorting to the use of the gas ballast.

Rotary Vane Pumps
Specifications* P12Z P23Z
Ultimate partial pressure without gas ballast 1.5x10-4 mbar 1.5x10-4 mbar
Pumping speed pneurop 50/60 Hz 183/220 L/min 350/420 L/min
Dimensions W x D x H (mm)
500 x 180 x 280 525 x 180 x 280
Weight 27.0 kg 30.0 kg
Ultimate pressure pneurop w/o gas ballast total 2x10-3 mbar 2x10-3 mbar
Ultimate pressure pneurop with gas ballast total 3x10-3 mbar 3x10-3 mbar
Water vapor tolerance 35 mbar 35 mbar
Motor power 550 W 750 W
Oil charging 1000 ml 1100 ml
Welch/ILMVAC Part # 322004 302316-01
Cat. # 7906-01 7906-02
Price Call TUI Call TUI
*All pumps are available in 230V; just add -220 to the catalog number.

File Type File Name Publication Date
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White Paper (PDF) WelchNet Alternative to House Vacuum
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