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Oil-Free (Dry) Pumps

Oil Free Pump
Oil Free Pump

High-Flow Diaphragm Oil-Free (Dry) Vacuum Pump

  • Two-stage pumps for quicker and more efficient vacuum pumpdown
  • Quiet operation
  • Very low maintenance
  • ON/OFF Switch and internal protective thermal switch for the motor
  • Vibration isolating feet

Ilmvac MP Series Standard Duty Membrane Vacuum Pumps are dry and oil-free for minimized maintenance. These high-flow units operate at 125 LPM and 222 LPM and both draw to 8mbar pressure (29.85"Hg vacuum). This deep vacuum makes it ideal for Vacuum Ovens, Glove Boxes and Vacuum Chambers. These pumps are suitable for applications for dry, moist or ethanol vapors.

High-Flow Diaphragm Oil-Free Vacuum Pump
Pump Type Welch/Ilmvac # Cat. # Price
High-Flow Diaphragm Pump MP901Z 7906-29 $ 2,503
High-Flow Diaphragm Pump MP1801Z 7906-26 $ 3,532


Specifications Standard Duty
7906-29 7906-26
Numbers of heads/stages 4/2 8/2
Free Air Displacement
  cfm(l/min.)@60Hz 4.42(125) 7.84(222)
  m3/h(l/min.)@50Hz 6.8(113) 12(201)
Utl. Pressure, torr(mbar) 8(6) 8(6)
Maximum Vacuum, in.Hg 29.7 29.7
Motor Power, watts(HP) 370(0.5) 370/440(0.5/0.6)
Tubing Needed, I.D. in.(mm) 1/4 (7) 1/4 (7)
Weight, kg(lbs.) 18.3(40.3) 32.8(72.3)
Overall Dimensions
  L cm(in.) 23 (9.1) 54 (21.3)
  W cm(in.) 38 (15) 30 (11.8)
  H cm(in.) 16.9 (6.7) 24 (9.4)
Ship Weight, kg(lbs.) 22 (48.5)  

Application Guide

  • Vacuum Filtration
  • Vacuum Oven/Desiccation
  • Aspiration/Automation
  • Cell Culture
  • Glove Box
  • Vacuum Chamber/Roughing

Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Pump

Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Pump

  • Lightweight, compact and quiet
  • Continuous oil-free Pumping
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Vacuum to 9Torr (29.6, in. Hg)
  • No water or oil: dry vacuum,
  • Low maintenance, easy to replace worn parts with a Repair Kit
  • Repairs easy, even "do it yourself"

These oil-free pumps are compact, economical and ideal for a variety of general vacuum applications. Simplicity is the key to the economical aluminum design of the pump. As the piston wobbles, air resistance on upward stroke expands Teflon seal on the piston to increase its efficiency while compensating for the wobble action.

Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Pump
Pump Type Welch/Ilmvac # Cat. # Price
Standard 2562B-01 7906-50 $ 989
Specifications 7906-50
Free Air Displacement
  cfm(l/min.)@60Hz 2.3 (65)
  m3/h(l/min.)@50Hz 3.4 (57)
Utl. Pressure, torr(mbar) 9 (12)
Maximum Vacuum, in.Hg 29.6
Mechanism Piston
Type of Duty Standard
Motor Horsepower, watts 1/3 (250)
Tubing Needed, I.D. in.(mm) 1/4 ((7)
Intake/Exhaust thread NPT 1/4
Weight, lbs.(kg) 16.5 (7.5)
Overall Dimensions
  L in.(cm) 11.7 (29.7)
  W in.(cm) 7.2 (18.3)
  H in.(cm) 9.5 (24.1)
Ship Weight, lbs.(kg) 18 (8.2)

Application Guideline

  • Vacuum Ovens up to 2 Cubic Feet
  • Filtration
  • Aspiration
  • Drying
  • Vacuum Desiccators
  • Vacuum Chambers and Antechambers
  • Epoxy Degassing

Chemical Duty Dry Vacuum Pump

Chemical Duty Dry Vacuum Pump

  • Features Advanced Vapor Management(AVM) for adjustable vacuum control
  • Chemical Resistantwetted parts tolerate all routine laboratory solvents/corrosives
  • Quiet, sleek and compact

Welch Dry Fast Chemical Duty Dry Membrane Vacuum Pumps are oil-free for minimized maintenance and maximum resistance to aggressive vapors. All parts that come in contact with vapors are made of PTFE or similarly resistant materials. The model 2034B-01 has a flow rate of 25 LPM and an ultimate pressure of 9 torr (12 mbar or 29.6" Hg vacuum) making it a powerful tool for rapid drying and evaporation in small vacuum ovens, benchtop rotovaps and chemical duty filtration.

Chemical Duty Dry Vacuum Pump
Pump Type Welch/Ilmvac # Cat. # Price
Chemical Duty Dry 2034B-01 7906-51 $ 1,749
Specifications 7906-51
Free Air Displacement
  cfm(l/min.)@60Hz 0.9(25)
  m3/h(l/min.)@50Hz 1.25(21)
Utl. Pressure, torr(mbar) 9 (12)
Maximum Vacuum, in.Hg 29.6
Motor Power, watts(HP) 1/5 (150)
Adjustable Vac./Gas Ballast yes
Tubing Needed, I.D. in.(mm) 1/4 (7)
Intake(Exhaust) thread NPT M14 (1/8)
Weight, lbs.(kg) 21.25 (9.6)
Overall Dimensions
  L in.(cm) 13.8 (35.2)
  W in.(cm) 6.8 (17.2)
  H in.(cm) 8.8 (22.3)
Ship Weight, lbs.(kg) 25 (11.3)

Application Guide

  • Rotary Evaporation
  • Vacuum Filtration
  • Vacuum Oven/Desiccation
  • Aspiration/Automation
  • Gel Dryer
  • Centrifugal Concentrators
  • Distillation
  • Degassing

Mini Vacuum Pump for Laboratories

imlvac mpr060e Vacuum Pump
  • Low price vacuum pumps for filtration, drying and degassing
  • Standard and chemically resistant models
  • Extremely low noise and vibration with twin head design
  • Plug and play wide-range power adaptor

These compact new models are comprised of a small twin head diaphragm pump enclosed in a robust housing with a wide voltage power adaptor. They are extremely quiet and virtually inaudible over the typical background noise of a lab.

Standard duty pumps (MP) are available for pumping air and chemically resistant models (MPR) are available for solvent applications. Both pumps utilize PTFE diaphragms and PEEK valves for minimal maintenance requirements.

A dual speed selection switch makes these ideal for multiple applications including filtration, drying, degassing and extraction via chromatography packings.

Mini Vaccum Pump
Specifications MP 060 E MPR 060 E
Final Vacuum, mbar <60 <60
Flow Rate, l/min 10 10
Head Material Aluminum PPS
Diaphragm Material PTFE PTFE
Valve Material PEEK PEEK
Connections 6-8 mm 6-8 mm
Noise Level, dBA <42 <42
Dimensions W x D x H (mm)
192 x 110 x 149 192 x 110 x 149
Voltage (24V via adaptor) 90-240V 90-240V
Welch/Ilmvac # 420312 412121
Cat.# 7906-09 7906-03
Price $ 721 $ 1,683

ILMVAC 101Z Diaphragm Pump ILMVAC 301 Diaphragm Pump
MP101Zp MPC301Zp
ILMVAC 201 Diaphragm Pump ILMVAC 601 Diaphragm Pump
MP201Tp MPC601Tp

Diaphragm Pumps

  • Available in standard and chemically resistant versions
  • Compact, practical solution for vacuum range 1000 to 1 mbar
  • Quick, simple maintenance and service work
  • Optimized design for excellent final vacuum
  • Oil-free, low noise level
Standard Diaphragm Pumps
Specifications * MP101Z MP301Zp MP201T MP601Tp
Ultimate Pressure, mbar <8 <8 <2 <2
Pumping Speed 50/60 Hz 16.7/18.3 L/min 38.3/41.7 L/min 33.4/36.7 L/min 75.0/81.7 L/min
Dimensions, mm (WxDxH) 195 x 235 x 145 230 x 265 x 169 200 x 260 x 150 230 x 380 x 169
Motor Power 60W 180W 90W 370W
Welch/Ilmvac # 400170-06 4000282-03 411543-01 4000312-03
Cat. # 7906- 11 7906-12 7906-13 7906-14
Price $ 1,237 Call TUI Call TUI $ 2,813
*All pumps are available in 230V; just add -220 to the catalog number.
Chemically Resistant Pumps
Specifications* MPC101Z MPC201T MPC601Tp
Ultimate Pressure, mbar <8 <2 <2
Pumping Speed 50/60 Hz 16.7/18.3 L/min 33.4/36.7 L/min 75.0/81.7 L/min
Dimensions, mm (WxDxH) 195 x 235 x 145 200 x 260 x 150 230 x 380 x 169
Motor Power 60W 90W 370W
Welch/Ilmvac # 412522-01 412543-01 4000512-03
Cat. # 7906-05 7906-07 7906-08
Price $ 1,798 $ 2,865 $ 3,395
*All pumps are available in 230V; just add -220 to the catalog number.

For dry, oil-free applications in the rough and medium-high vacuum range ILMVAC diaphragm pumps are used world-wide in production, research and science. As an economically and ecologically superior alternative to water operated vacuum pumps the ILMVAC diaphragm pump range always offers a versatile and practical solution for many diverse applications between atmospheric pressure and 1 mbar.

ILMVAC diaphragm pumps can be used in a wide range of applications. With components and materials selected for optimal practical employment in laboratory and industry. Also used as regeneration pumps in combinations pumping systems, they fulfill their tasks due to outstanding chemical resistance and stable vacuum parameters. All ILMVAC diaphragm pumps are compactly and functionally designed. Maintenance and service work is fast and easy. ILMVAC diaphragm pumps guarantee outstanding operation and possess a long life span. They work extremely quietly and contamination of process gases with oil cannot arise. ILMVAC diaphragm, pumps are manufactured and tested in accordance with DIN 28 432.

Applications include vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration, molecular distillation, drying ovens, vacuum filtration, and gel drying.

Chemically Resistant Diaphragm Pumps from ILMVAC

Chemically resistant diaphragm pump models MPC, are fully suited to applications where aggressive solvents and acid vapors are present. The diaphragms and other wetted parts are made from compounds of PTFE, PP and PVDF. The pumping and connection heads are carbon fiber reinforced with a small electrical conductivity. This prevents electrostatic loading and minimizes the danger of igniting gas mixtures in the pump by electrostatic discharge.

These chemically resistant, single-stage diaphragm pumps are oil-free and have a wide range of applications between atmospheric pressure and 75 mbar. Each has a compact design, low noise level and simple construction for low cost operation.

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