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Oilless Scroll Compressors

Oilless Scroll Compressors
  • Coolest oil-less compressors on the market
  • Operate with virtually vibration-free, with very low noise level (49 dba)
  • Design simplicity yields reliability and durability
  • Inlet cartridge filters 99% of incoming particulates

These oil-less scroll compressors offer very low noise levels, virtually vibration-free operation, and maintenance-free performance.

Their simple design, with only two moving parts, assures reliability and durability. An integral cooling fan keeps operating temperature low, extending the life for bearings and seals. The self-lubricating, long-life tip seal enables the compressor to operate efficiently without oil and expensive filtration. The dry type inlet filter ensures that air enters the unit 99% particulate-free. Air delivery is continuous with only slight pressure pulsations.

Other standard features include: motor overload protection, an hour meter, an air pressure gauge and a high-temperature switch that shuts the unit down when an unusually high temperature in the air end is detected. Compressors are available as single-phase, 230V models or as three-phase, 208V/230V/460V models, with either 3 or 5 HP. Standard models come with air-cooled aftercooler, run hour meter, power-on light, run light and high-temperature light.

Compressors 3 HP Models 5 HP Models
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
208V,3-phase 9505-40 Price 9505-44 Price
230V, 3-phase 9505-41 Price 9505-45 Price
460V, 3-phrase 9505-42 Price 9505-46 Price
230V, single-phase 9505-43 Price 9505-47 Price
Specifications 3 HP Models 5 HP Models
Dimensions: 19"W x 24"L x 33"H
483 mm x 610 mm x 838 mm
24"W x 25"L x 39"H
610 mm x 635 mm x 991 mm
Weight: 256 lbs.
116 kg.
365 lbs.
166 kg.
Discharge pressure: 93 - 115 PSIG 93 - 115 PSIG
Air delivery: 8.6 CFM
243.7 L/min
14.4 CFM
408.1 L/min
Compressor speed: 2680 RPM 3020 RPM
Air receiver/tank 6.6 gal.
29 L
10 gal.
44 L
Warranty: 2 years or 5000 hours on scroll pump; all other components 1 year.

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