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Solenoid Vacuum Valve

  • Enhances vacuum pump life and efficiency
  • Prevents oil backstreaming into a vacuum chamber
  • Allows automatic vacuum control, using Vacuum Control Module (order separately)

Repeated pump starts and stops can reduce the life of a pump, particularly under existing vacuum pressure. This Solenoid Vacuum Valve prevents premature pump failure, guards against oil backstreaming into the vacuum chamber, and allows automated vacuum control when used in tandem with Terra’s Vacuum Control Module.

Configured properly, it lets you start a pump even when the chamber is under full vacuum, and allows continuous, shift-long pump operation without strain. Constructed of cast aluminum, it features inlet, outlet, and exhaust ports that accept male .25" NPT fittings. Valve body measures 1.25" diameter x 2.875" high (32 mm x 73 mm).

Note: Requires Vacuum Control Module for power and set point control (order separately).

Solenoid Vacuum Valve G&G Hydraulics Corp Part # Cat. # Price
120VAC, 60Hz 72R9DCV120/60 3700-10 $ 222
220VAC, 50Hz 72R9DCV-220/50 3700-10-220 $ 222

Solenoid Vacuum Valve is included in the Connection Kit.

Solenoid Vacuum Control Exhaust Filter Vacuum Control Module Exhaust Filter Inlet Filter Vacuum Control Module Vacuum Control Module
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