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  1. DesiCart™ Low-Humidity Transport Carts
    DesiCart™ Low-Humidity Transport Carts
    Group of 7 products
    Some ship in 23 - 31 days
    ULus LogoULus Logo
    2 Chamber Material3 Number of Chambers2 Frame Material

    • RH Controlled cart transport desiccators

    • Nitrogen purged with quick connect fittings

    • Whole cart RH control

    Available Chamber Material: Acrylic, Static Dissipative PVC
    Available Number of Chambers: 1 Chamber, 2 Chambers, 4 Chambers
    Available Frame Material: Stainless Steel, Polyethylene
  2. PureFlow™ Laminar Flow Transport Carts
    PureFlow™ Laminar Flow Transport Carts
    Group of 6 products
    Some ship in 20 - 24 days
    1 Material1 Shelf Type3 Number of Doors2 Shelves2 Voltage

    Available Material: Stainless Steel
    Available Shelf Type: Perforated
    Available Number of Doors: 2 Doors, 6 Doors, 10 Doors
    Available Shelves: 3, 5
    Available Voltage: 120 V, 240 V
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14 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

DesiCart Mobile Desiccator

This DesiCart houses a sealed two-chamber desiccator storage chamber, which maintains clean, dry storage conditions during transport, installed in a stainless steel cart with a solid stainless steel top.

LatchLock Stainless Steel Locking Bracket

Increase security of any desiccator equipped with Terra’s standard door LiftLatch. Bracket allows addition of lock to prevent unauthorized users from accessing contents.

LiftLatch; Chrome-Plated, Small Non-Locking, Replacement

Ergonomic LiftLatch eliminates rotary stress on wrist and cabinet hinges

Large Capacity Desicart

Custom sizes available to maintain clean, dry storage conditions of bulky items during transport.

Caster; 5" diameter, Heavy Duty, Urethane Wheel, Zinc Plated, with Brake

Available Stainless Steel Shelves and Trays

Adjustable, non-contaminating shelves and trays slide on stainless steel racks, allowing easy parts access (one perforated shelf included)

Ergonomic LiftLatches

Lifting latch mechanism minimizes stress on wrists and desiccator hinges; non-rotary motion generates no particles inside the storage area (optional locking model shown)

Reinforced Doors with Non-adhesive Gaskets

Stainless steel door frames extend desiccator life; one-piece fused gaskets are non-outgassing, will not creep or sag

Extra-Large DesiCart

Custom Sizes Are No Problem. Desicarts can be customized to fit your application.

Doors - The First Failure Point of a Desiccator Cabinet

Terra’s stainless steel door frames eliminate the need for internal reinforcements, which create particle surfaces and compromise cleaning. Unlike other doors with glue-on anti-bow pieces, Terra’s doors use no adhesives. This eliminates particle traps, sources of outgassing—and extends the strength and service life of the desiccator.

Cart Transport Desiccators

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  • Extra-Large DesiCart
Video Overview of Stainless Steel Desiccators
The benefits of using static dissipative sheets in a short video
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