Environmental Chambers Planner

Thank you for contacting Terra Universal about our environmental chambers. Please answer the questions below so we can begin designing the chamber best suited to your needs. Print the questionnaire and call us when it is complete. Or complete online and click "Submit QuickQuote." A Terra sales associate will be in touch with you soon.

For what application will you use your environmental chambers?
Pharmaceutical stability tests Photolysis tests Shelf life tests
Packaging/paper breakdown tests Genetic studies Chromatography tests
Tissue culture studies Growth chamber studies Serum studies
Enzyme assays B.O.D. studies Animal studies
What type of environmental chamber are you looking for?
Bench-top Reach-in   Walk-in
Indicate the maximum available space for the chamber.
Width Height Depth
If you have requirements on the interior dimensions of your environmental chamber, please list them below.
Width x Height x Depth   Volume (cu. ft.)
What temperature does your application require?
Procedure set point = °C Second temperature if desired= °C
If your application requires controlled humidification, what are the temperature and humidity set points you require?
Primary parameters °C   %RH   Second parameters °C   %RH
What are the ambient conditions of the area where the chamber will be located?
Maximum temperature °C Maximum humidity %RH
Minimum temperature °C Minimum humidity %RH
Check any accessories you would require.
Access ports Vapor proof duplex outlets Programmable controller
RS232/RS485 Chart recorder  
Power requirements (Please consult your facility maintenance to help answer correctly)
Volts Amps Hz Phase
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