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Refrigerator Temperature Range
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Product Details
  • Meets strict AABB, ANRC and FDA requirements for storage of blood specimens
  • Designed for use in industrial, scientific and clinical labs
  • Undercounter, space saver and upright models available
  • Forced air, positive pressure for temperature stability and uniformity
  • Back-up battery powers the controller in the event of a power failure
  • Cold-rolled steel cabinets with smooth, scratch-resistant painted finish for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable, full-extension, stainless-steel drawers
  • Microprocessor control unit and more powerful compressor for quick temperature recovery
  • Comprehensive sample safety features include audible and visual alarms to warn users of over-and under-temperature fluctuations
  • Quick temperature recovery with directional airflow
  • High-density, CFC-free urethane foam insulation prevents ambient temperature fluctuations and minimizes operating costs
  • Hermetically sealed compressor (heavy-duty and industrial grade), automatic condensate removal and defrost system
  • Four column and five column drawer dividers sold separately

Refrigerators (4°C)

  • Comparison chart for Revco Blood Bank Refrigerators by Thermo Fisher Scientific Comparison chart for Revco Blood Bank Refrigerators by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Compare Blood Bank Refrigerator Models

Additional Features of Revco Blood Bank Refrigerators in Undercounter, Space Saver and Upright Models

  • Temperature range: +1 to +8 °C (+33.8 to 46.4 °F)
  • Digital electronic technology simplifies operation and delivers greater accuracy
  • Large, easy-to-read digital display with icon based controls shows temperature within 0.1 °C (32.2 °F)
  • Battery backup system with audible low battery alarm ensures blood sample integrity in the event of power loss
  • Factory set at +4 °C (+39.2 °F)
  • Single doors on 4.9, 11.5, 23.3 and 29.2 cu. ft. models
  • Double doors on 51.1 cu. ft. models
  • Solid doors on 4.9, 11.5, 23.3 cu. ft. models
  • Glass doors on 29.2 and 51.1 cu. ft. models
  • Microprocessor control with LED display, graphic thermometer with overtemperature and undertemperature warnings and sensors for defrost cycle (optimizes coil efficiency)
  • Security features: lockable system control, audible/visual warning of power failure and temperature deviations, pushbutton alarm test, remote alarm contact, alarm silence, ring back and auto reset, controller battery backup system, temperature deviation warning at 5.5 °C overtemperature, 1.5 undertemperature
  • Construction: cold-rolled steel cabinets, scratch-resistant painted finish, ergonomic, lockable door handle, insulated dual-pane glass doors, interior cabinet lights (n/a with undercounter model), independent and door-activated ON/OFF switch
Capacity4.9 cu. ft./139L11.5 cu. ft./326L23.3 cu. ft./659L29.2 cu. ft./826L51.1 cu. ft./1447L
Cabinet TypeUndercounterSpace SaverUprightUprightUpright
Blood Bag
2 Included6 Included7 Included6 Included14 Included
(WxDxH) in/mm
20 x 20.5 x20
(508 x 521 x 508)
20 x 21.75 x 52.4
(508 x 552 x 1331 )
24 x 29 x 58
(610 x 229 x 1473 )
30 x 29 x 58
(762 x 737 x 1473)
52.5 x 29 x 58
(1336 x 737 x 1473)
(WxDxH) in/mm
24 x 29 x 34
(610 x 734 x 864)
24 x 29.3 x 73.6
(610 x 744 x 1869)
28 x 36.4 x 79.2
(711 x 925 x 2012)
36.4 x 34 x 79.2
(925 x 864 x 2012)
56.5 x 36.4 x 79.3
(1435 x 925 x 2014)
Compressor1/4 HP
Scratch-resistant painted
Temp. Range+1 to +8 °C (+33.8 to 46.4 °F)
DisplayLED (Large and easy to read shows temperatures within 0.1 °C/32.2 °F)
RefrigerantCFC- and HCFC-Free R134A
ComplianceUL requirements for safety and performance
Electrical/Plug115 volts, 60 Hz/5-15P Plug Type
Warranty2-year warranty on parts and labor with an additional 2-years on compressor only
*Nominal capacity based on 450ml whole blood bags

Blood Bank Refrigerators Lockable Door

The blood bank refrigerators have the option of adding lockalbe doors as an added safety feature.

Regulated Labs Revco Blood Bank Refrigerators

The Blood Bank Refrigerators are used for industrial, scientific, and clinical applications.

Undercounter Revco Blood Bank Refrigerator

Microprocessor controls meets AABB, ANRC and FDA requirements; features two slide-out drawers.

Revco Blood Bank Refrigerator, 51.1 cu ft

Microprocessor controls meets AABB, ANRC and FDA requirements; 14-drawer unit shown (other upright and undercounter models available).

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Available Accessories
Popular Accessories
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  • Blood Bank Refrigerators Stainless Steel Drawer Dividers

    Designed for maximizing storage of Blood Bank Refrigerators, these drawer dividers are made of stainless steel and they are designed for holding or storing bags and boxes.
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