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Fire Detection System

Fire Detection System

Typical Detector Configuration: sensors mounted inside the control case, above the station deck, inside the plenum, and inside the storage area.

Fire Detection System
Fire Detection System
  • Factory Mutual approved specifically for semiconductor wet bench electro-optical fire detection
  • Multi-spectral IR flame detector detects all types of fires, even through gases and vapors
  • Unique two-stage fire detection response issues warning alert and signals for suppression release and wet bench shut-down (suppression system optional)
  • Acid-resistant polypropylene housing is ideal for installation in wet processing benches

This multi-spectral electro-optical fire detector system senses all hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires, even through the gases and vapors found in chemical wet benches. It uses multi-spectral Wide Band IR™ (1.2 - 3.5 micron bandwidth), Near Band IR™ (.7 to 1.1 micron bandwidth), and Visible Band (0.4 - 3.5 micron bandwidth) to see all fire types. The Wide Band IR allows the detector to see through acetone, smoke, chemical gasses and vapors.

  Cat. # Price
PLC Controller 6704-25 $ 2,249
Multi-Spectral IR Sensor 6705-26 $ 2,820
Several typically required.

Unique Two-Stage Fire Detection Response

The ALERT First Stage response initiates audible and visible signals, notifying the operator of an existing fire of 4kW or more. When a fire with a heat energy output of 3kW (equivalent to a 4" (102 mm)-diameter polypropylene pool fire) is exceeded, the fire detector will record a time- and date-stamped FirePic™ digital fire signature. This numerical spectral evidence enables analysis of the probable cause of the fire event for use in preventing a subsequent, damaging fire.

In situations where the fire self-extinguishes without the release of a suppression agent, the in-process integrated circuit wafer batch can be successfully completed.

If the fire does not self-extinguish, the Second Stage ALARM activates and signals for immediate suppression release once the fire exceeds a threshold of 13 kW (the equivalent of an 8" (203 mm)-diameter polypropylene pool fire).

Each fire detector has an exceptionally wide, 120° field of view to provide optimal coverage of the fire-threat area. Detectors should be installed in adequate numbers and positions to ensure that any possible fire is in the field of view of at least one fire detector, unobstructed by plastic partitions.

Note: Fire suppression equipment must be ordered separately. Call to discuss your application. See application illustration for suggested configuration. Part numbers below include installation in specified Terra wet processing station.

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