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Sure-Grip® EX Benchtop Flammable Safety Cabinet
by Justrite

Aerosol Can Benchtop Safety Cabinet
Manual with self-latching doors—Ships fully assembled
Justrite's Aerosol Can Benchtop Safety Cabinet safely stores and organizes aerosol cans in a compact footprint that fits virtually anywhere. This cabinet offers a variety of safety and compliance features.
  • Stores up to 24 aerosol cans on two easy roll-out shelves
  • Removable twelve 2.75" diameter openings on fixed position shelves store cans up to 10" tall
  • Meets NFPA Code 30 and OSHA regulations
  • Removable fixed position shelves for easy cleaning
  • Two 24-gauge galvanized steel roll-out shelves with easy glide plastic rollers with stop guard for safe and convenient access of contents
  • Fully assembled
  • 10-Year Exclusive Manufacturer Warranty
  • Accessories sold separately
Sure-Grip EX Benchtop Flammable Safety Cabinet, 24 Aerosol Cans, 2 Drawers, Manual, self-latching door
Justrite Part # Capacity Roll out Drawers Dimensions
W x D x H in. (mm)
Regulations Shipping
Cat. # Price
890500 24 aerosol cans 2 27 x 18 x 21
(686 x 457 x 533)
O,N 97 lbs.
1619-93 $ 741

Additional Features of Justrite Cabinets:

  • Meets OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 and NFPA Code 30
  • Shelves meet ANSI MH28.1
  • Three-point, self-latching door for secure closure (on a continuous piano hinge for smooth operation)
  • Increased heat resistance with durable stainless steel bullet latches
  • Sure-Grip EX® exclusive features:
    • U-Loc Padlockable Handle—grip resists slips and provides easy fingertip operation by reducing hazardous “catches” from passing traffic. Padlock can be custom keyed for convenience and/or to limit access to authorized personnel
    • SpillSlope™ Safety Shelves meet ANSI standards with a safe allowable hold of 350 lbs. (159 kg) and directs spills to back and bottom of leak proof stump
    • Haz-Alert™ Reflective Labeling—visible under fire conditions and in the dark
  • Fire resistant double wall, air insulated, welded steel construction; finished inside and out with durable, lead-free and chemical resistant hybrid epoxy/polyester powder paint
  • Three "spill-catcher" galvanized steel shelves catches incidental drips and a 2" leak proof sump controls spills
  • Constructed with Welded 18-gauge (1mm) double-walled steel (shelf hangers)
  • 1.5" (38mm) insulating air space for fire resistance
  • Rounded door corners and non-protruding handle provide added safety
  • Dual vents and four adjustable leveling feet
  • Built-in ground connector to prevent static build-up



Part #
Description Dimensions
D x L
Inch (mm)
Fits Cabinet Sizes Shipping
Cat. # Price
29933 Padlock Master Lock No. 5 Shackle
0.375 In. (10)
2 lbs.
(2.7 kg)
1618-57 $ 54

Pass-Through Safety Cabinet
Image shown does not include cabinet or
container. #25969 installed on 890400
Pass-Through Valve for Safety Cabinets
  • Available in Solvent Pass or Nitrogen Pass
  • Compatible with Justrite safety cabinets
  • Can be placed on the top, side or back of safety cabinet
  • System passes solvents through wall of cabinet
  • Unique system allows liquid to be pumped into and/or out of cabinet without human hand transfer
  • One-way, irreversible stainless steel valve
  • 25" NPT, tapered fitting required to thread into both sides of valve
  • Select models FM approved or meet OSHA regulations
  • Nitrogen Pass-Thru Valve available for inert gas pressure from an outside source

Note for online orders: Specify valve location and flow direction (inside to outside or outside to inside)

Justrite Part #   Approv./Lstg.
Cat. # Price
25968 Solvent Pass-Through Valve Kit O 1.6 (0.75 kg) 1618-62 $ 162
25969 Solvent Pass-Through Valve Kit INSTALLED FM 1 (0.5 kg) 1618-63 $ 268
25973 Nitrogen Pass-Through Valve Kit O 1.6 (0.75 kg) 1618-64 $ 165
25974 Nitrogen Pass-Through Valve Kit INSTALLED FM 1 (0.5 kg) 1618-65 $ 245

Haz-Alert Warning Lable
Image does not include cabinet and
other accessories (29002)
Haz-Alert Warning Label
  • High visibility in the dark and under fire conditions
  • Trilingual warning label in English, Spanish and French
  • Available in large and small
  • Fits all Justrite Cabinet sizes
Part #
Description Dimensions
Inch (mm)
Fits Cabinet Sizes Shipping
Cat. # Price
29002 Haz-Alert Warning Label - Large (shown above) 10W x 12H
(304 x 254)
All 2 lbs. (1 kg) 1618-56 $ 23
29003 Haz-Alert Safety Band (at bottom) - Large 17.5 W X 5 H
(127 x 444)
All 2 lbs. (1 kg) 1618-58 $ 21
29004 Haz-Alert Warning Label - Small 4.75 W x 5.5 H
(140 x 121)
All 2 lbs. (1 kg) 1618-66 $ 9
29005 Haz-Alert Safety Band (at bottom) - Small 12 W x 3.5 H
(89 x 305)
All 2 lbs. (1 kg) 1618-59 $ 11

Vapor Filter
VaporTrap™ Filter
  • Stainless steel wire mesh cartridge contains activated carbon that absorbs volatile organic chemical vapors
  • 360 degree cylindrical design allows air flow for maximum surface contact
  • High-strength magnets can be placed anywhere within cabinet; 4" x 5.5" (102 x 139 mm) magnetized base attaches easily


  • Reduces harmful inhalation exposure to VOC vapors by employees from items stored inside safety cabinets
  • Lowers emissions of VOCs into atmosphere

Note: User should notate date on label as a reminder for replacement; product life cycle varies and depends on vapor types and concentrations.

Contents not included with product.

Justrite Part # Description Nom. Dimensions
Filter L x Dia.
Inch (mm)
Cat. # Price
29916 VaporTrap™ Filter (2 pk.) 8.75 x 2.25
(222 x 57 mm)
4 lbs.
(2 kg)
1618-27 $ 52

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