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Mini Safety Cabinets
by Justrite

Mini Safety Cabinets

Fire-resistant, portable and compact!
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With the Sure-Grip EX® features this fire-resistant and code compliant Mini Safety Cabinet is ideal for safely transporting flammables, cleaners, oils and chemicals. This mobile storage unit is well-suited for manufacturing facilities, movie sets, amusement parks, hotels or any business using small quantities of flammables for cleaning and/or maintenance.
  • Fire-resistant; meets OSHA regulations and NFPA standards
  • Smallest footprint available to contain and transport flammables
  • Easy to place in service vehicles, maintenance trikes and carts
  • Flush mounted U-lock handle includes 2 keys and is compatible with optional padlock
  • Leaktight 2" (51mm) well
  • Made of durable steel powder paint finish inside and out
  • Includes:
    • One adjustable shelf; meets ANSI MH28.1
    • 3 bungee cords to secure contents during transport
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty
  • Accessories sold separately (See Accessories Chart below)
Part #
Description Exterior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
In. (mm)
Shipping Weight
Lbs. (kg)
Cat. # Price
890200 Mini Safety Cabinet 17 x 8 x 22
(432 x 203 x 559)
43 lbs. (19 kg) 1619-94 $ 287

Additional Features:

  • Meets OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 and NFPA Code 30.
  • Meets EPA and DOT regulations and standards
  • Three-point, self-latching door for secure closure (on a continuous piano hinge for smooth operation)
  • Increased heat resistance with durable stainless steel bullet latches
  • Sure-Grip EX® exclusive features:
    • U-Loc Padlockable Handle—grip resists slips and provides easy fingertip operation by reducing hazardous “catches” from passing traffic. Padlock can be custom keyed (different, alike or master keyed) for convenience and/or to limit access to authorized personnel
    • Haz-Alert™ Reflective Labeling—visible under fire conditions and in the dark
    • SpillSlope™Safety Shelves meet ANSI standards, safe allowable hold of 350 lbs. (159 kg) directs spills to back and bottom of leak proof stump
  • Fire resistant double wall, air insulated, welded steel construction
  • Three "spill-catcher" galvanized steel shelves catches incidental drips and a 2" leak proof sump controls spills
  • Welded 18-gauge (1mm) double-walled steel
  • 1.5" (38mm) insulating air space for fire resistance
  • Rounded corners minimizes accidental cuts or nicks
  • Dual vents, adjustable leveling feet, built- in ground connector, and large trilingual warning label identifying contents


Part #
Description Dimensions
D x L
Inch (mm)
Fits Cabinet
Shipping Weight
Lbs. (kg)
Cat. # Price
29933 Padlock Master Lock No. 5 Shackle
0.375 (10)
2 lbs.
(2.7 kg)
1618-57 $ 54

Pass-Through Safety Cabinet
Image Shown: 25969 installed on 890400
Pass-Through Valve for Safety Cabinets
  • Available in Solvent Pass or Nitrogen Pass
  • Compatible with Justrite safety cabinets
  • Can be placed on the top, side or back of safety cabinet
  • System passes solvents through wall of cabinet
  • Unique system allows liquid to be pumped into and/or out of cabinet without human hand transfer
  • One-way, irreversible stainless steel valve
  • 25"NPT, tapered fitting required to thread into both sides of valve
  • Select models FM approved or meet OSHA regulations
  • Nitrogen Pass-Thru Valve available for inert gas pressure from an outside source

Note for online orders: Specify valve location and flow direction (inside to outside or outside to inside)

Part #
Description Approv./Lstg.
Shipping Weight
Lbs. (kg)
Cat. # Price
25968 Solvent Pass-Through Valve Kit O 1.6 (0.7 kg) 1618-62 $ 162
25969 Solvent Pass-Through Valve Kit INSTALLED FM 1 (0.5 kg) 1618-63 $ 268
25973 Nitrogen Pass-Through Valve Kit O 1.6 (0.7 kg) 1618-64 $ 165
25974 Nitrogen Pass-Through Valve Kit INSTALLED FM 1 (0.5 kg) 1618-65 $ 245

Haz-Alert Warning Lable
Item shown does not include cabinet
and other accessories.(29002)
Haz-Alert Warning Label
  • High visibility in the dark and under fire conditions
  • Trilingual warning label in English, Spanish and French
  • Available in large and small
  • Fits all Justrite Cabinet sizes
Part #
Description Dimensions
Inch (mm)
Fits Cabinet
Shipping Weight
Lbs. (kg)
Cat. # Price
29002 Haz-Alert Warning Label – Large
(shown above)
10 W x 12 H
(254 x 304)
All 2 lbs. (2.7 kg) 1618-56 $ 23
29003 Haz-Alert Safety Band (at bottom) – Large 17.5 X 5 H
(444 x127)
All 2 lbs.(2.7 kg) 1618-58 $ 21
29004 Haz-Alert Warning Label – Small 4.75 W x 5.5 H
(121 x 140)
All 2 lbs.(2.7 kg) 1618-66 $ 9
29005 Haz-Alert Safety Band (at bottom) – Small 12 W x 3.5 H
(89 x 305)
All 2 lbs.(2.7 kg) 1618-59 $ 11

Vapor Filter
Contents not included with product.
VaporTrap™ Filter
  • Stainless steel wire mesh cartridge contains activated carbon that absorbs volatile organic chemical vapors
  • 360 degree cylindrical design allows air flow for maximum surface contact
  • High-strength magnets can be placed anywhere within cabinet; 4" x 5.5" (102 x 139 mm) magnetized base attaches easily


  • Reduces harmful inhalation exposure to VOC vapors by employees from items stored inside safety cabinets
  • Lowers emissions of VOCs into atmosphere

Note: User should notate date on label as a reminder for replacement; product life cycle varies and depends on vapor types and concentrations.

Part #
Description Nom. Dimensions
Filter L x Dia.
Inch (mm)
Shipping Weight
Lbs. (kg)
Cat. # Price
29916 VaporTrap™ Filter (2 pk.) 8.75 x 2.25
(222 x 57)
4 lbs.
(2 kg)
1618-27 $ 52
Note: It is difficult to estimate VOC vapor adsorption rates because of variables such as the chemical itself, its vapor pressure or its purity, temperature, charcoal age, humidity, etc. The VaporTrap™ Carbon Filter by Justrite should not be used in lieu of using "safe closed containers" as required by OSHA and the EPA. It is important to clean up cabinet and containers of spills and residues.

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