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Safesite™ Chests for Storage
by Justrite

Safesite chest for storage of flammables
Safesite® Chests for Storage of Flammables
Ideal jobsite storage of hazardous materials
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Safesite® Chests are specialty storage containers specifically designed for code compliant storage of flammables as well as high security general storage of sensitive and valuable materials. These containers are ideal in work environments with a need to safely store and protect materials from ignition sources, theft or misuse.
  • Available in Flammable and General Storage Chest models
  • Heavy-duty 12-gauge runners allow cabinets to be forklifted
  • Optional casters (sold separately) for easy mobility indoors and outdoors
  • One-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Accessories sold separately. Order below

Safety Chest, Storage for Flammables

Safesite Flammable Storage Chest for Jobsite
Justrite Part # Exterior Dimensions
W x D x H
in. (mm)
Interior Height
in. (mm)
Chest Color Regulation Shipping Weight
Lb. (kg)
Cat. # Price
16032Y 48 x 24 x 31.125
(1219 x 610 x 791)
Yellow FM 243 lbs.
(110.2 kg)
3618-03 Call TUI
  • OSHA and NFPA compliant
  • Meets FM regulation
  • Safely stores fuels, paint thinners, chemicals flammable substances and other solvents found in construction and utility job sites
  • Fusible link with a melting point of 165F automatically closes door
  • Three-point, self-latching door automatically closes door securely
  • Dual vents** constructed with built-in flash arresters and rain covers
  • Fully-welded 16 gauge body and 18 gauge steel liner; double-wall construction
  • 1.5" of insulating air space for fire protection
  • Ideal for high-risk environments such as maintenance, utility and construction job sites where solvents are used
  • Safety compartment is OSHA compliant and protects flammables from ignition sources

**Note: It is recommended to check with your local fire jurisdiction to determine venting requirements. Indoor use with closed vents will contain vapors within vents. Outdoor use with open vents allows vapors to escape.

Safety Chest, General Storage

Safesite Tool Storage Chest for Jobsite
Justrite Part # Exterior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
in. (mm)
Interior Height
in. (mm)
Chest Color Regulation Shipping Weight
Lb. (kg)
Cat. # Price
16030Y 48 x 24 x 31.125
(1219 x 610 x 791)
Yellow -- 166 lbs.
(75 kg)
3618-04 Call TUI

This general storage chest is for tools and other items only.

  • Fully welded steel construction protected by UV-protected powdercoat finish inside and out to withstand rigorous weather and rigorous handling conditions
  • Recessed padlocks for general storage compartment
  • High security compartment accessed with a second lockable door with 3-point latching system
  • Extra thick .25" tangs welded inside of lid interlock with recessed padlock for maximum protection against bolt cutters
  • Outstanding storage chest for managers and supervisors in construction, utilities and maintenance jobsites
  • Provides extra storage and protection for tools, valuables and other sensitive materials

Additional Features of Safesite® Flammable and General Safety Chests:

  • Recessed handles provide streamline silhouette and eliminates protrusions vulnerable to damage due to handling and transporting
  • Durable 16-gauge construction on body and lid
  • Padlock pockets are recessed to resist bolt cutters (padlocks sold separately)
  • Durable straps hold in place
  • Welded cover support reinforces channels for extra strength

Casters and Master Locks
Justrite Part # Description Load Capacity Exterior Dimensions
(Diameter x W)
in. (mm)
Shipping Weight
Lb. (kg)
Cat. # Price
16043 4-Heavy Duty Casters
(2 locking)
2000 5 diam. x 1.5 w
(127 x 38)
16.5 lbs.
(7.5 kg)
3618-05 $ 242
16044 4-Casters
(2 locking)
1120 5 diam. x 1.5 w
(127 x 38)
10.2 lbs.
(4.6 kg)
3618-06 $ 191
50963A Set of two No. 5 Master Locks 4 lbs.
(2 kg)
3618-07 Call TUI
For use with 16030Y and 16032Y
Haz-Alert Warning Lable
Image does not include cabinet
and other accessories (29002).
Haz-Alert Warning Label
  • High visibility in the dark and under fire conditions
  • Trilingual warning label in English, Spanish and French
  • Available in large and small
  • Fits all Justrite Cabinet sizes


Part #
Description Dimensions
Inch (mm)
Fits Cabinet
Shipping Weight
Lb. (kg)
Cat. # Price
29002 Haz-Alert Warning Label – Large
(shown above)
10 W x 12 H
(254 x 304)
All 2 lbs. (2.7 kg) 1618-56 $ 23
29003 Haz-Alert Safety Band (at bottom) – Large 17.5 X 5 H
(444 x 127)
All 2 lbs.(2.7 kg) 1618-58 $ 21
29004 Haz-Alert Warning Label – Small 4.75 W x 5.5 H
(121 x 140)
All 2 lbs.(2.7 kg) 1618-66 $ 9
29005 Haz-Alert Safety Band (at bottom) – Small 12 W x 3.5 H
(89 x 305)
All 2 lbs.(2.7 kg) 1618-59 $ 11

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