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• Modes: Vacuum-Seal,Gas-Vacuum-Seal, Seal Only

• Pressure Regulator Range: 20-110 psi; Gas Input Limit: 110 psi maximum

• Recommended Sealing Range for Most Materials: 50-60 psi

• Control System Limits: Heat Time: 9.9 sec, Cool Time: 99 sec, Gas Time: 99 sec Vacuum Time: 999 sec, Vacuum Limits: 26 in. HG, Suction Flow: 1.5 CFM

• Requires a compressed air source of 80 psi (min.) - 110 psi (max.)

• Air Consumption: 2.0 CFM @ 80 psi

• Operating Conditions: Ambient Temperature: 32°F to +122°F (0°C to +50°C) Ambient Humidity: RH (non-condensing)

• Has a seal-only feature so the nozzle retracts out of the way when you’re sealing without vacuum.

• Model 2 also features a manual purge to clear nozzles, an important benefit for packaging powders or products with moisture.

• Large, user-friendly digital display

• Open ended seal bars with 1/4-in. Wide heating element and retractable vacuum nozzle enhance production speed

• Emergency stop button and safe, low pressure jaw close

• 1.5 in. Header space at top of bag – ideal for work in tight spaces

• Includes seal count and resettable batch count

• Foot pedal for production speed

• No-maintenance Venturi vacuum uses no moving parts, generates no particulates

• Isolated exhaust port prevents contamination of cleanroom environment

• Very robust high pressure seal bar design with rigid steel case and powder coat finish

• 100% made in the U.S.A. With high quality components for years of reliable trouble-free performance.

Seal Width: 0.25"

Seal Length: 20"

Programmable: Yes

Gas Purge: Yes

Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 10 A, 50/60 Hz

Weight, Product: 52 lb

Weight, Shipping: 60 lb

Dimensions, Product: 23.5"W x 16"D x 9"H

Dimensions, Shipping: 32"W x 24"D x 17"H

Package Type: Crate

Unit of Measure: EA

Features and Benefits

Impulse Heat Vacuum Sealer Specs

smartVAC Vacuum Sealer Specifications

Seal Width 1/4 in. (≈6.4 mm) standard,
3/8 in. (≈9.5 mm) available as an option
Pressure Regulator Range 20 to 110 psi
Recommended Sealing Range
for Most Materials
50 to 60 psi
Air Source Compressed air supply source is required
Air Supply Requirements 80 psi (minimum) to 110 psi (maximum)
Air Consumption 2.0 CFM @ 80 psi
Vacuum Time 999 seconds
Vacuum Limits 26 in. Hg
Gas Time 99 seconds
Gas Input Limit 110 psi maximum
Heat Time 9.9 seconds
Cool Time 99 seconds
Suction Flow 1.5 CFM

Popular Accessories

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  • SmartVAC Moisture and Particle Vacuum Filter
    This vacuum filter removes moisture and particles from the vacuum lines, and is required if sealing anything with moisture or particles. It filters particles down to 10 microns.
  • Accu-Seal Exhaust Silencer
    Optional Accu-Seal exhaust silencer quiets the exhaust noise from the smartVAC Model 675 impulse heat vacuum sealer.
  • SmartVAC Vacuum Sealer Stand
    The Accu-Seal stand holds the smartVAC Model 675 Impulse Heal Vacuum Sealer to create a stand-alone work station. For locations with limited counter space, or who need to use the sealer in multiple locations, the stand is a convenient option.
  • smartVAC Support Tray, white powder-coated

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