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  1. Validatable Accu-Sealers: Models 5300 and 5400
    Group of 5 products
    Some ship in 10 - 20 days
    1 Configuration1 Programmable3 Seal Length1 Seal Width1 Gas Purge1 Series2 Voltage

    • Tabletop impulse vacuum sealers give yuo absolute process control for validation of medical samples
    Configuration: Heat Seal
    Programmable: No
    Seal Length: 15", 20", 25"
    Seal Width: 0.375"
    Gas Purge: No
    Series: Model 5300
    Voltage: 120 V, 220 V
  2. Budget Accu-Seal Model 235 Vacuum Sealer
    Group of 4 products
    Some ship in 10 - 20 days
    1 Configuration1 Programmable1 Seal Length2 Seal Width1 Gas Purge1 Series2 Voltage

    • High-performance, value-priced sealer creates 0.187" (5mm)-wide or 0.125" (3mm_-wide, and up to 20 long
    • Impulse heat sealer compatible with a wide variety of packaging materials.
    • An electromic foot switch vacuum/seal activator allows hands-free sealing
    Configuration: Pneumatic Vacuum
    Programmable: No
    Seal Length: 20"
    Seal Width: 0.125", 0.25"
    Gas Purge: No
    Series: Model 235
    Voltage: 120 V, 240 V
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9 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

Accu-Seal 8000 Validatable Vacuum Heat Sealer

Accu-Seal Series 8000 Validatable Vacuum Sealer meets ISO 5 cleanroom standards. The digital touch-screen PLC allows accurate control of seal parameters.

AmeriVacs Vacuum Impulse Heat Sealer

AmeriVacs durable impulse heat sealer is cleanroom-compatible and available with or without gas purge. The stainless steel vacuum nozzle is automatically retractable.

E1000G ACCVACS Digital Vacuum Sealer

These affordable digital units all feature gas purge and come in a wide range of sizes, from 10" to 35" (254 mm to 889 mm), so you don’t have to purchase more sealer than you need.

SmartVAC Model 675 Impulse Heat Vacuum Sealer

The Accu-Seal SmartVAC 675 heat sealer features a digital display, an open-ended seal bar, a retractable vacuum nozzle, and an E-stop emergency safety button, using the highest quality components for a long, trouble-free service life.

Accu-Seal's HDMP3 Heavy-Duty Impulse Vacuum Sealer

Heavy-duty, cleanroom-friendly Accu-Seal HDMP3 heat sealers offer seal-only, seal with vacuum, seal with gas, or any combination via a PLC controller for seals up to 60 inches (1524 mm).

AmeriVacS AVC Chamber Vacuum Sealers - Ideal for Large Parts

The chamber sealers quickly and efficiently vacuum seal products at the touch of a button, holds content in place to prevent damage and precludes any static generation.


  • HDMP3 Cleanroom Vacuum Sealers Mounted on Stand HDMP3 Gas-Vacuum Vacuum Sealer Mounted on Stand
HDMP3 Cleanroom Vacuum Sealers Mounted on Stand

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