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Tempered Glass316L Stainless SteelDual Airlocks35"24"28"120 V2 3305-62B $15,19535-41 Days2
Tempered Glass316L Stainless SteelDual Airlocks35"24"28"240 V2 3305-62B-220 $15,19535-41 Days3
Tempered Glass316L Stainless SteelRight-Side Airlock35"24"28"120 V2 3305-60B $12,40335-41 Days4
Tempered Glass316L Stainless SteelRight-Side Airlock35"24"28"240 V2 3305-60B-220 $12,40335-41 Days5
Tempered Glass316L Stainless SteelLeft-Side Airlock35"24"28"120 V2 3305-61B $12,40335-41 Days6
Tempered Glass316L Stainless SteelLeft-Side Airlock35"24"28"240 V2 3305-61B-220 $12,40335-41 Days7
Tempered Glass304 Stainless SteelDual Airlocks35"24"28"120 V2 3305-56B $12,72435-41 Days8
Tempered Glass304 Stainless SteelDual Airlocks35"24"28"240 V2 3305-56B-220 $12,72435-41 Days9
Tempered Glass304 Stainless SteelRight-Side Airlock35"24"28"120 V2 3305-54B $10,21035-41 Days10
Tempered Glass304 Stainless SteelRight-Side Airlock35"24"28"240 V2 3305-54B-220 $10,21035-41 Days11
Tempered Glass304 Stainless SteelLeft-Side Airlock35"24"28"120 V2 3305-55B $10,21035-41 Days12
Tempered Glass304 Stainless SteelLeft-Side Airlock35"24"28"240 V2 3305-55B-220 $10,21035-41 Days13
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Product Details

• Continuous-seam welds with radius corners simplify cleaning and reduce leak rate during vacuum cycling

• All-stainless steel ergonomic LiftLatches operate without strain to hinges and eliminate corrosion and contamination

• Includes a front transparent tempered safety glass window and fluorescent light fixture providing visibility of the work area

• Supports vacuum (to -5"Hg)

• Includes Right-Side Air Lock

• Material: 12-gauge 304 Stainless Steel; Includes 304 SS lift latch

• Provides a clean, air-tight, controlled environment for various manufacturing processes

• Single unit features two 10" (254 mm) diameter ports that provide a wide range of motion

• Optional vacuum controls accelerate oxygen removal and backfill with inert process gas

• Select Trace Oxygen Analyzer and Dual Purge System to maintain oxygen levels to 1 ppm

Series 310: Negative Pressure Glove Box

Standard Features

  • A Stainless Steel
    All-304/316L stainless steel construction with continuous seam welds and radius corners for superior sealing and easy cleaning
  • B Tempered glass viewing window
    Tempered glass viewing window
  • C Glove Ports
    10”-diameter glove ports (order desired gloves separately)
  • D Air Lock
    Air Lock

Optional Features

  • 1 Vacuum Valves
    Vacuum valves and gauge
  • 2 Port covers
    Port covers (cover gloves during vacuum cycles)
  • 3 Powder-coated Steel Stand
    Powder-coated steel stand

Not Shown: Connection Ports - Connection ports for process gas purging and oxygen monitoring

Not Shown: Nitrogen Generator - Nitrogen Generator

Vacuum Isolators

  • Stainless Steel Glovebox Single Module Negative Pressure Stainless Steel Single Series 310 Negative Pressure Glovebox
  • Negative Pressure Glovebox Negative Pressure Glovebox
  • Custom Stainless Steel Glovebox
Stainless Steel Glovebox Single Module Negative Pressure
Negative Pressure Glovebox

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

View Glovebox Dimensions

More Information

A in. (mm)D in. (mm)E in. (mm)F in. (mm)G in. (mm)H in. (mm)I in. (mm)M in. (mm)N in. (mm)
16.56 (421)24 (610)28.5 (718)35 (889)11.75 (298)28 (711)16 (406)14.75 (375)14 (356)

Installed Vacuum Gauge and Metering Valves

Gauges and valves preinstalled on vacuum chambers allow vacuum application, monitoring, bleeding and backfilling (shown mounted on aluminum chamber).

Tilt-Up Access Window

Tilt-up front window allows transfer of large equipment into the Negative Pressure Glove Box; elastomer gaset provides a tight seal.

Glove Ports with Detachable Iris Port and Covers

Unique glove ports accept wide range of gloves and feature screw-on Iris Port Adapters (shown) and Port Covers for additional system capabilities

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Vacuum Connection Kit
    All Turnkey Connection Kits include a solenoid vacuum valve and all necessary hosing, clamps, adapters and other connection hardware for the specified application. Draws power from the Vacuum Control Module.
  • Vacuum Control Module
    This automatic Vacuum Control Module is especially important in testing or processing applications that require sustained exposure to a precisely regulated vacuum level it helps extend the service life of your vacuum pump by allowing continuous pump operation.
  • Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Pump
    Vacuum Ovens by Thermo Fisher are compact dry vacuum pump runs quiet and continuously. These pumps are suitable for applications for dry, moist or ethanol vapors.
  • Dual Purge and NitroWatch
    Terra’s Dual Purge and NitroWatch relative humidity controllers maintain a low-RH set-point inside a desiccator or glove box; they provide variable purge control that ensures continuous positive pressure and eliminates nitrogen waste.
  • Removable Glove Port Cover
    Removable Glove Port Covers screw onto 10"-diameter glove ports (order separately) for convenient sealing of glove box during glove replacement or off-hours
  • Glove Box Iris Port Adapter for 10" Ports
    The self-closing, clean silicone Iris Port Adapter attaches to Terra's 10"-diameter glove ports to allow easy access to chamber parts and processes (order port separately).
  • Glove Box Stand, Powder-Coated Steel
    Powder-coated steel stands are made of 1.5" (38 mm) square steel tubes to support loads to 400 lbs. (181 kg) and includes nylon leveling feet; positions chamber 30" above floor
  • Neoprene Accordion Sleeve Assemblies
    Neoprene accordion sleeves with nitrile gloves allow fast glove replacement without removing sleeve; rigid neoprene sleeve resists blow-back (other glove styles available).

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