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    Length and Width Dividers by InterMetro
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    2 Material5 Width5 Height1 Carton Quantity2 Model38 Manufacturer SKU

    Material: Benstat, Bentron
    Width: 9", 15", 21", 7", 16"
    Height: 3", 5", 7", 2", 4"
    Carton Quantity: 96
    Model: ESD Blue, ESD Black
    Manufacturer SKU: DL91035BAS, DL91060BAS, DL92035BAS, DL92060BAS, DL92080BAS, DL93030BAS, DL93050BAS, DL93060BAS, DL93080BAS, DS92050BAS, DL91035CAS, DL91060CAS, DL92035CAS, DL92060CAS, DL92080CAS, DL93030CAS, DL93050CAS, DL93060CAS, DL93080CAS, DS92050CAS, DS91035BAS, DS91060BAS, DS92035BAS, DS92060BAS, DS92080BAS, DS93030BAS, DS93050BAS, DS93060BAS, DS93080BAS, DS91035CAS, DS91060CAS, DS92035CAS, DS92060CAS, DS92080CAS, DS93030CAS, DS93050CAS, DS93060CAS, DS93080CAS
  2. Length and Width Dividers by Endural
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    Some ship in 0 - 10 days
    2 Material2 Width2 Depth3 Height3 Fits Totes1 Carton Quantity2 Model5 Manufacturer SKU

    Material: ESD Finish, Carbon Black
    Width: 9", 20"
    Depth: 6", 15"
    Height: 3", 2", 6"
    Fits Totes: MTB013, MTB033, MTB036
    Carton Quantity: 25
    Model: General Purpose, Conductive
    Manufacturer SKU: MTBD123AS, MTBD113AS, MTBD322CD, MTBD312CD, MTBD326CD
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21 products meet your criteria.

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