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    Shelf Ledges by InterMetro
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    1 Type2 Material12 Width2 Height2 Style62 Manufacturer SKU

    Type: Shelf Ledges
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Chrome-Plated Steel
    Width: 60", 72", 14", 18", 21", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 39", 54"
    Height: 4", 1"
    Style: Wire, Solid
    Manufacturer SKU: L60N-4S, L72N-4S, L14N-1C, L18N-1C, L21N-1C, L24N-1C, L30N-1C, L36N-1C, L42N-1C, L48N-1C, L60N-1C, L72N-1C, L14N-1S, L18N-1S, L21N-1S, L24N-1S, L30N-1S, L36N-1S, L42N-1S, L48N-1S, L60N-1S, L72N-1S, L14N-4C, L18N-4C, L21N-4C, L24N-4C, L30N-4C, L36N-4C, L42N-4C, L48N-4C, L60N-4C, L72N-4C, L14N-4S, L18N-4S, L21N-4S, L24N-4S, L30N-4S, L36N-4S, L42N-4S, L48N-4S, L14WC, L18WC, L21WC, L24WC, L30WC, L36WC, L42WC, L48WC, L60WC, L14WS, L18WS, L21WS, L24WS, L30WS, L36WS, L42WS, L48WS, L60WS, L54N-1C, L54N-1S, L54N-4C, L54N-4S
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    Shelf Ledges by EagleGroup
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    1 Type2 Material10 Width2 Height2 Style80 Manufacturer SKU

    Type: Shelf Ledges
    Material: Chrome-Plated Steel, 304 Stainless Steel
    Width: 14", 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60", 72"
    Height: 1", 4"
    Style: Solid, Wire
    Manufacturer SKU: SL14-1C, SL18-1C, SL24-1C, SL30-1C, SL36-1C, SL42-1C, SL48-1C, SL54-1C, SL60-1C, SL72-1C, SL14-1S, SL18-1S, SL24-1S, SL30-1S, SL36-1S, SL42-1S, SL48-1S, SL54-1S, SL60-1S, SL72-1S, SL14-4C, SL18-4C, SL24-4C, SL30-4C, SL36-4C, SL42-4C, SL48-4C, SL54-4C, SL60-4C, SL72-4C, SL14-4S, SL18-4S, SL24-4S, SL30-4S, SL36-4S, SL42-4S, SL48-4S, SL54-4S, SL60-4S, SL72-4S, L14-1C, L18-1C, L24-1C, L30-1C, L36-1C, L42-1C, L48-1C, L54-1C, L60-1C, L72-1C, L14-1S, L18-1S, L24-1S, L30-1S, L36-1S, L42-1S, L48-1S, L54-1S, L60-1S, L72-1S, L14-4C, L18-4C, L24-4C, L30-4C, L36-4C, L42-4C, L48-4C, L54-4C, L60-4C, L72-4C, L14-4S, L18-4S, L24-4S, L30-4S, L36-4S, L42-4S, L48-4S, L54-4S, L60-4S, L72-4S
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142 products meet your criteria.

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