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  1. BioSafe® Fire-Rated Cleanroom Windows
    Some ship in 25 - 26 days
    Fire Rated IconFire Rated IconBioSafe classic logoBioSafe classic logo
    1 Fire-Rating1 Window Frame1 Window Type5 Pane Area3 Wall Thickness1 Pane Material

    • Fire rated window tested in accordance with UL 9 and NFPA 80 for 20 minute rating
    • Easy-to-clean seamless stainless steel frame minimizes crevices where particles can collect
    • Unique mounting system conceals hardware for a showcase appearance
    • Designed for quick, easy installation in a variety of wall materials and thicknesses
    • Medical-grade, USP-compliant and compatible with all areas of the hospital
    Fire-Rating: 20 minutes
    Window Frame: Framed
    Window Type: Double Pane
    Pane Area: 9 sq ft and under, 9.1 to 12 sq ft, 12.1 to 16 sq ft, 16.1 to 20 sq ft, 20.1 to 22.9 sq ft
    Wall Thickness: 4.875" to 5.9", 6" to 9.9", 10" and over
    Pane Material: Fire-Rated Glass
  2. Internal Window Blinds for Cleanroom Window (6603-56)
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    Usually ships in 40 - 45 days
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  3. BioSafe® Switch Glass Cleanroom Windows
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    Some ship in 40 - 45 days
    BioSafe classic logoBioSafe classic logo
    2 Window Frame2 Window Type1 Pane Area2 Wall Thickness1 Pane Material

    • Stainless steel frame fits flush against wall to eliminate surfaces where particles can collect
    • Double window design (frame fits flush on both sides) includes rounded corners for easy cleaning
    • Ideal for patient privacy in medical facilities, constrcuted of medical grade material
    • Exceeds IEST, ASTM, cGMP, ISO 14644-1 standards
    • Mounting system is designed without exposed hardware or crevices for easy disinfection
    Window Frame: Framed, Frameless
    Window Type: Single Pane, Double Pane
    Pane Area: 12 sq. ft.
    Wall Thickness: 4", 2"
    Pane Material: Switch Glass
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19 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Window with Blinds Between Glass

Cleanroom windows with built-in blinds between the glass offer clean, versatile visibility. Cordless blinds behind the window prevent tampering and particle accumulation. Adjust them up/down and open/closed with the no-battery, magnetic detachable remote.

Specialty Windows

  • BioSafe cleanroom window Terra Universal's Biosafe® Windows
  • Video demonstrates the switch from opaque glass to clear for privacy or viewing purposes Switch Glass Window
BioSafe cleanroom window
Video demonstrates the switch from opaque glass to clear for privacy or viewing purposes

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