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    Static-Sensing Ionizers by Keyence
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    1 Voltage4 Length4 Number of Emitters

    • I.R.G. (Insert Ring Ground) design dissipates static five times faster than conventional models
    • I.R.G. structure doubles the coverage area compared to conventional ionizing bars
    • Sensors are built-in for easy setup and installation
    • Dual I.C.C. adapts to environmental changes, such as temperature and humidity
    • The Dual I.C.C. system senses static conditions in the environment and adjusts the ion output
    Voltage: PWR SUPLY
    Length: 14", 24", 33", 43"
    Number of Emitters: 4, 6, 12, 16
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4 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

Cleanroom Ionizing Blow-Off Gun

This cleanroom Ionizing Blow-off Gun neutralizes static surface charges to protect sensitive parts from electrostatic discharge (ESD); a controlled burst of clean air or nitrogen then removes particles.

Ionizing Gun: LED Power Indicator

LED indicates when the Cleanroom Ionizing Blow-Off Gun is discharging ions and emitting clean air or nitrogen; low-voltage power source is intrinscially safe and meets static decay requirements

Desiccator Cabinet Ionizing Module

Ionizing modules are available for desiccator cabinets, glove boxes and other enclosures to ensure static-safe storage and processing (shown: ionizing unit on 2-chamber desiccator)

Ionizing Bar Mounts to Cleanroom Ceiling

Intrinsically safe low-voltage ionizing bar mounts to a fan/filter unit on a cleanroom ceiling or inside a laminar flow hood to neutralize static charges on the work station below.

Ion Guns & Ionizers

  • Ionzing Bar Static Decay Test Terra Universal ionizing Bar: Static-Decay Test
  • Demonstration video showing how the Ionizing Blow-Off Gun operates Ionizing Blow-Off Gun Demonstration
  • Cleanroom Ionizing Blow-Off Gun Static-Neutralizing Blow-Off Gun
  • Ionizing Bar Mounted on Vertical Laminar Flow Hood Ionizing Bar Mounts to Hood or Cleanroom to eliminate ESD
Ionzing Bar Static Decay Test
Demonstration video showing how the Ionizing Blow-Off Gun operates

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