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Ionizing Blower
Ideal for Glove Boxes

 Ionizing Blower Ideal for Glove Boxes
Model shown: 2005-30
  • Provides a continuous stream of static-neutralizing ions to protect sensitive materials against ESD
  • Enhances cleanliness by neutralizing charges that attract and hold particles on wall, tabletops and other surfaces
  • On-board fans distribute ions uniformly through the glove box enclosure
  • State-of-the-art technology guarantees intrinsically balanced ionization
  • Requires no calibration—automatically maintains ion balance of
    ± 50 volts

The Ionizing Bar generates a balanced stream of positive and negative ions to neutralize surface static charges, safeguarding ESD-sensitive materials.

State-of-the-art technology makes it one of the most reliable ionizers available. It emits equal numbers of positive and negative ions and requires no calibration or adjustments. Steady-state DC ion emission provides effective discharge, and mounting beneath ceiling filter/fan units ensures even distribution throughout the area below.

Discharge times directly under the Bar average 28 seconds (from ± 1,000 volts to 50 volts, measured in a 4-foot laminar flow hood in accordance with Ionization Standard ANSI ESO/ESD S3.1 of the ESD Association).

Each IonBar™ includes one fan per emitter pair to ensure even distribution throughout the chamber.

Glove Box IonBar™ (installed)


110VAC, 50/60Hz 220VAC, 50Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
22"L (559 mm) with 4 emitters 2005-30 Price 2005-30-220 Price
33"L (838 mm) with 6 emitters 2005-32 Price 2005-32-220 Price
44"L (1118 mm) with 8 emitters 2005-31 Price 2005-31-220 Price

Power Indicator:
Ion Emission:
Emitter Points:
Air flow:
Dimensions: 2.1"H x 1.2"W x 22"L or 44"L (53 mm x 30 mm x 559 mm or 1118 mm)

File Type File Name Publication Date
White Paper (PDF) Static-Control Methods
A technical review of the advantages and applications of static neutralizing ionization equipment, static-dissipative materials, and Faraday-cage cabinets.
Manual (PDF) IonBar Ionizing Bar: Doc. # 1800-45
This manual contains installation and operating instructions for the IonBar and its various integrations, including the IonBar for Hoods and Glove Box Ionizing Blower.
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