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Static Meters and Accessories

Terra’s line of electrostatic monitoring equipment helps ensure an ESD-safe environment.



Resistance Indicator

Our precision, easy-to-use instruments measure the resistance of static-dissipative surfaces.


Charged Plate Monitor

Accurately test your ionizer’s performance with this compact, self-contained monitor.



Static-Dissipative Mat

We offer several mats with conductive integrated material, making them safe for cleanroom use.


Static Meter/Charged Plate Detector

Lightweight and precise, our Static Meter features a stabilized sensor for long-term, accurate measurements.



Electrostatic Field Meter

Designed to ensure correct measurements of electrostatic fields, even those using air ionization.


Ground Strap Tester

Automatically gauges the resistance of ground straps to ensure operation within the specified limits.



Grounding Station

Our static-dissipative Grounding Station includes a work mat, adjustable wrist strap and common point grounding cord.




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