Terra Part # 1017-58
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Terra Part # 1017-58
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  • Steri Seamless Cleanroom Floor Coatings in a variety of colors and quartz/flake patterns
  • Complies with FDA GMP guidelines ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Applications: ISO/Cleanrooms, chemical storage, Sterile processing, API manufacturing, corridors, glass cleaning, washrooms, labs, sampling areas, vivarium research
  • Helps reduce risk of biological contamination ideal in static-control properties and sterile environments
  • Solvent free/low VOC and high concentration of VHP decontamination protection
  • Features of Dudick STERI seamless epoxy and urethane flooring
  • Anti-microbial/anti-fungus additive inhibits growth of mold, mildew, fungus and various bacterial
  • Provides total substrate protection against sanitation chemicals, organic solvents and high-temperature exposures
  • Withstands corrosive and toxic spills, mechanical abuses by heavy-duty machinery, and disinfectants used in the pharma industry
  • Maintains static-control properties in critical spaces
  • Mitigates risk of explosions or fires in areas containing volatile chemical compounds or powders
  • Types of STERI Coatings:
  • 1.    STERI-Soft and STERI-Flake Series: Thick Urethane flooring system, decorative, ultraviolet resistant,  1/8”-3/16” DFT
  • 2.    STERI-Coat: STERI-Coat P Thin film Novolac epoxy wall coating, 12-16 mils DFT;  Steri-Coat 200-Two component, water borne alipathic urethane ceiling and wall coating. Steri-Coat 400-MMA, Acrylic fast cure flooring, 20 mils
  • 3.    STERI-Crete SL: Urethane cements specifically designed for extreme temperatures of -350F- +400F, damp environments, FDA & USDA compliant workplaces. 1/8”-1/4” DFT
  • 4.    STERI-Flake: Decorative acrylic flake-filled flooring system. 1/16”-1/8” DFT; light to medium traffic; STERI-Flake 400 (METHYL METHACRYLATE); STERI-Flake 470 (Hybrid Ester Polymer); STERI-Flake GP (Meets California Department of Public Health CDPH/EHLB Standard Method Version 1.2 2017)
  • 5.    STERI-Flex: Flexible, crack-bridging epoxy lining consisting of a 1/16” trowel applied basecoat, one layer of saturated fiberglass mat reinforcement, 15-30 mils of chemical resistant epoxy topcoat
  • 6.    STERI-Flor: Heavy duty hybrid epoxy industrial flooring system 1/8”-1/4” DFT: STERI-Flor (semi self-leveling or seeded high solids general purpose epoxy topping  10-15 mils (.25-.38 mm); STERI-Flor Q (solvent-free, heavy duty decorative quartz or vinyl flake flooring 1/4” (6.2 mm); STERI-Flor T (hybrid epoxy, heavy duty industrial floor system 1/8 – 1/4” (4.8 mm); STERI-Flor T – SL/SF (semi self-leveling or seeded hybrid epoxy, heavy duty industrial floor system)
  • 7.    STERI-Glass: Reinforced novolac epoxy wall coating. 25-35mils DFT
  • 8.    STERI-Quartz: Decorative colored quartz epoxy flooring systems. 1/16”-1/4” DFT’; STERI-Quartz GP (general purpose broadcast, UV resistant, light-medium decorative quartz floor system, 1/16” – 3/16”); STERI-Quarts T (solvent free, light-medium traffic decorative 3/16” – ¼” (4.8mm – 6.4 mm))
  • 9.    STERI-Seal: High build epoxy floor & walls coatings specifically design for high end laboratories. 10-30mil DFT; STERI-Seal HB (High build, high solids, multifunctional, spray applied pigmented high build chemical resistant epoxy wall and ceiling coating); STERI-Seal HC (multifunctional, pigmented high chemical resistant epoxy floor coating 10-20 ml); STERI-Seal LE (low emission resinous flooring and high performance special coating, 100% solids, multifunctional epoxy floor coating)

Cleanroom Accessories & Components

  • Surgical Suite Flooring Surgical Suite Flooring
  • Steri Seamless Floor Coatings by Dudick Inc Steri Seamless Floor Coatings by Dudick Inc
  • Steri Seamless Cleanroom Floor Options by Dudick Inc Steri Seamless Cleanroom Floor Options by Dudick Inc

Features and Benefits

Flake Color Options

16 color options of general service flake flooring of Steri-Flake and resilient rubberized flooring of Steri-Soft Cleanroom Floors

Quartz Color Options

Eight-color options for general and heavy-duty decorative quartz flooring systems of Dudick cleanroom floors

Solid Color Options

Choose from a wide range of solid color options of Dudick seamless cleanroom floor coatings

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