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Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding

Terra cleanrooms meet USP-specified cleanliness and pressure levels: ISO 8 for ante-rooms and ISO 7 for buffer rooms, and provide ISO 5 Primary Engineering Controls (PECs), such as compounding aseptic isolators and laminar flow hoods. During sterile preparation, labs also need supplies and equipment to store, handle, and package drugs, as well as dispose of waste and used materials. Terra's products meet strict protocols for cleanliness and sterility, helping healthcare facilities stay in compliance. For USP 800-compliant pharmacies, Terra offers compounding aseptic containment isolators (CACIs) for sterile preparations (CSPs) carrying beyond use dates (BUDs) of 12 hours or less. For pharmacies compounding hazardous drugs, Terra designs USP 800-compliant modular cleanrooms and Class II B2 biosafety cabinets, BioSafe pass through chambers, ISO 5 chairs and work stations and other cleanroom equipment. Terra offers dust cabinets, mills, grinders and variety of dispensers for pharmacies performing non-sterile compounding in USP 795-compliant facilities.
Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding
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