1. Sturdy, adjustable shelving solutions from Terra, Metro and Eagle keep your work space clean and organized; select models are corrosion resistant and have antimicrobial coatings

    865 Products

    865 Products

  2. Cleanroom storage systems include laminar flow cabinets that meet ISO 5 requirements, chemical storage cabinets, and specialized models designed for unique requirements

    123 Products

    123 Products

  3. Configurable racks and storage cabinets provide clean, organized storage of cleanroom garments, booties, hoods and other apparel, along with cleanroom and laboratory supplies

    232 Products

    232 Products

  4. Dedicated storage designed for cleanroom booties - select from in-stock models or specify a custom design.

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    8 Products

  5. Tote and kitting boxes for special handling needs, including storage of static-sensitive microelectronic parts; nesting and stacking containers available, with lids and dividers

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    121 Products

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Features and Benefits

HEPA-Filtered Clean Air

HEPA fan filter units included on many cabinets provide a shower of micro-filtered air to to protect particle-sensitive materials during storage and transport.

UV-C Germicidal Systems

Economical, fast-acting germicidal UV-C systems kill a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and mold spores; safety timer and door interlocks prevent personnel exposure to harmful UV rays.

Safe Chemical Bottle Storage

Chemical storage cabinets safely cradle one-gallon bottles and larger bulk chemical drums; include vent, spark arrestor, and spill containment area.

Application-Specific Materials

304 stainless steel and application-specific plastics meet chemical and durability requirements (shown: corrosion-resistant, anti-microbial MetroMax shelf).

Configurations for Unique Requirements!

Specialized cabinets for storing semiconductor reticles and wafer boxes, controlled pharmaceuticals , aseptic biological samples, and other unique materials.

Keep Cleanroom Garments and Supplies Clean!

Specialized cleanroom cabinets with HEPA filtration prevent contamination of critical garments, apparel and supplies; versatile configurations for shelves, hanging rod or both.

Space-Saving Wall-Mount Shelving

Wire Shelving with Metroseal 3 microban antimicrobial finish is ideal for wet environments: easy-to-clean, chemical-resistant and stable. Other wall-mount shelves and cubby storage systems available.

Cleanroom-Compliant Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable shelving with Corner Release System is available in cleanroom-compliant, corrosion-resistant materials; shown: Metro Super Erecta wire shelving.

Specialized Shelving Systems

Specialized shelving systems accommodate industry-unique products (shown: component reel shelving)

Storage & Shelving

  • Cleanroom Storage Cabinet, SDPVC Model Cleanroom Storage Cabinet, SDPVC Model
  • Storage Cabinet, Photomask/Reticle Reticle/Photomask Storage Cabinets
  • Stocking, Kitting and Dispensing Cabinet by Terra Universal Stocking, Kitting and Dispensing Cabinet
  • Wire Shelf Rods and Tabs Wire Shelf with Rods and Tabs
  • Super Erecta Mobile Security Cages Super Erecta Mobile Security Cages
Cleanroom Storage Cabinet, SDPVC Model
Storage Cabinet, Photomask/Reticle
Stocking, Kitting and Dispensing Cabinet by Terra Universal
Wire Shelf Rods and Tabs
Super Erecta Mobile Security Cages

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