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Glove Box; Series 100, Twin Model, Nondissipative PVC for Filtration

Based on Part 3305-11F-U

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Basic Parts

Main components integral to achieving full system functionality.



Air Locks & Ovens

Provide a contamination-free and controlled area for ingress and egress of samples and equipment.


Gloves & Sleeves

One piece and two piece glove and sleeve comination sets available in Hypalon, Butyl, Neoprene and Butadyl.


N2 Controllers

Monitor and control humidity levels, oxygen content, dew point and temperature within an enclosure.


Ionizing Equipment

Provide a continuous stream of static neutralizing ions to protect sensitive materials against ESD.


Stands & Casters



System 1 042618 Base 3305-11F-U Glove Box; Series 100, Tw

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