Product Details

  • Built-in emergency battery helps meet municipal and fire safety requirements that may be required before cleanroom can be approved for operation.
  • Includes UL recognized emergency driver to allow LED fixture to be used for normal and emergency operation.
  • Includes test switch and charge indicator
  • Features a startup indicator light with programmable timer to help let you know when your cleanroom is ready for use after power is restored.
  • Indicator light turns from red to green 30 minutes (default) after startup to indicate particle count is within acceptable levels.
  • System is configured for both normal and emergency use
  • When receiving power, the light both operates normally and charges the emergency battery
  • Light requires hard-wired connection to junction box
  • When power is cut off, the battery powers the light
  • Note: Indicator light is intended to help alert operators the cleanroom has been restored to acceptable standards after a minor shut down; it is not a substitute for quality control procedures such as measuring particle counts, checking air handling units, and other environmental monitoring.


Lighting: LED

Panel Size: 2' x 4'

Unit of Measure: EA

Electrical Specifications: 120/277 V, 0.0006 A, 12 W, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions, Product: 24" W x 48" D x 10" H

Lights & Panels

  • Modular cleanroom with transparent walls for manufacturing ingestible supplemental drugs Modular Cleanroom in Acrylic for Manufacturing Ingestible Supplemental Drugs
  • Inside view of installed customer hardwall cleanroom, ceiling grid, fan/filter units Inside Customer Cleanroom

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