Product Details

  • Smart humidity controller provides automatic setpoint control and data logging
  • Works in tandem with Terra's Dual Purge to maintain sub-ambient RH set-point down to 0% RH
  • Connects to a single sensor to monitor, control, and log data inside desiccator cabinet or glovebox
  • Logs RH, temp, door open/close, purge on/off, and sensor removal/ attachment (door open/close logging not available on IsoDry Cabinets)
  • Data file is .CSV with ~4MB or 113,000 readings; intervals of 1 SEC, 10 SEC, 1 MIN, 5 MIN, or 1 HR
  • Terra Universal's Smart® IsoDry® Nitro-Watch™ senses and displays the relative humidity level (from ambient to 0% RH) inside a desiccator or glove box within ±1.5% RH. It operates in tandem with Terra's Dual Purge™ System to precisely and automatically control the flow of nitrogen into a desiccator, glove box, or similar enclosure, and maintains a preset humidity level, no matter how operating conditions may change.
  • Programmable logic gives user complete control over warning alarms and other system functions.
  • Automatically controls Dual Purge™ System with high/low flow purges to maintain any relative humidity from 0% RH to room ambient.
  • Data Logging: Unlike the standard NitroWatch™, the Smart® NitroWatch™ also measures temperature and logs data. This system logs RH, temp, door open/close, purge on/off, and sensor removal/attachment. The system can log months of data depending on the logging interval selected, all of which can be downloaded to a USB flash drive. Plug in USB flash drive and system transfers data in .CSV format. No software required.
  • Application Note: The NitroWatch sensor provides an exact %RH reading in one chamber only. If multiple RB valves are installed and doors are frequently opened, this reading may not be representative of all chambers. For precise chamber-by-chamber monitoring and control in a desiccator cabinet, select Terra's NitroPlex system. For gloveboxes that require greater accuracy and control, Terra's DewWatch™ measures moisture volumes down to 0.5 PPM. Door open/close data logging not available on IsoDry systems.
  • Requires: Dual Purge™ unit, Smart® NitroWatch™ sensor, automatic RB™ relief/bleed valves (order separately).


Accessories: Humidity/Moisture Control Systems

Control Type: Smart NitroWatch w/ Data Logging

Case Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Unit of Measure: EA

Marks & Listings: CE, UL, ULC

Electrical Specifications: 12 V, 0.25 A, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz

Weight, Product: 20 lb

Dimensions, Product: 9" W x 5.5" D x 3" H

Weight, Shipping: 40 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 14.5" W x 10" D x 7.5" H

Package Type: Box

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