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Manual Diamond Scribers

Manual Diamond Scribers

Hex Scribes (“A”-“E” in photo)
These hexagonal aluminum-handle scribes feature an extra-sturdy design and are ideal for hard-to reach places. Select desired head and diamond tip angle and type of tip. Non-refillable. Weight: 5 oz. (142 g.)

Diascribe (“F” in photo)
Diamond tip is exposed by twisting the pen’s handle. Overall length is 5"(127 mm). Weight: 5 oz. (142 g.)

  • Easy, economical manual scribing of wafers and other materials
  • Polished diamond tips scribe fine lines on most metals, glass, silicon, ceramics, and other materials
  • Angled tip cleans solder, trims resistors on hybrids
  • Allow easy tagging

These general purpose scribing tools are suited to a wide range of industrial and laboratory use. Each of these high-quality hand-held tools is equipped with a polished natural diamond that scribes fine lines in a wide range of materials, from metals to silicon to plastics.

The unique high-precision tips of these scribers allow greater accessibility to smaller work areas and make it possible to continuously view what is being scribed. They are thus ideal for R & D operations that require very low tolerances.

Scribers are available in several tip designs and handle designs to suit a wide range of applications.

Type Head
Tip Angle
Tip Overall Length
Bruce Diamond Corp.
Part #
Cat. # Price
A 30° 60° Fine 4.5
E40122 1015-04 $ 18
B 30° 90° Heavy 6
E40123 1015-05 $ 25
C 30° 60° Fine 5.5
E40072 1015-06 $ 28
D Straight 90° Heavy 5.75
E40141 1015-07 $ 25
E Straight 90° Fine 5.5
E40071 1015-08 $ 26
F Diascribe E40070 1015-00 $ 29
G Diamond Refills E40044 1015-01 $ 14
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